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Undergraduate Programs

Find a degree that’s right for you from numerous undergraduate academic majors, minors,and tracks. Please note that some undergraduate programs are offered only on the Lebanon campus.

Take a peek at the many undergraduate majors, minors and tracks we offer:

Accounting (BBA) - Major, Minor

Aerospace Studies - Track/Emphasis

Army ROTC - Track/Emphasis

Art (BA) - Major, Minor

Art Education (BA) - Major

Athletic Equipment Management - Track/Emphasis in Sport Management

Athletic Training
(BS) - Major

BA/MACJ 4+1 Option (BA & M+CJ)
- Major

BBA/MBA 4+1 Option (BBA & MBA) - Major

Biochemistry - Minor

Biology (BA/BS) - Major, Minor

Biopsychology (BA/BS) - Major

Business Administration (BBA) - Major, Minor

Chemistry (BS) - Major, Minor

Church Music - Track/Emphasis in Music

Classical Performance - Track/Emphasis in Music

Clinical & Counseling Psych. - Minor

Computational Science (BS) - Major

Computer Information Systems (BS) - Major, Minor

Computer Science (BS) - Major

Creative Writing - Minor

Criminal Justice - Track/Emphasis in Sociology

Cybersecurity - Major

Dance - Minor

Data Analytics (BA, BS) - Major

Economics (BA, BBA) - Major, Minor

Economics & Finance (BBA) - Major


Elementary (BSEd) - Major

Special/Elementary Dual (BSEd) - Major


English/Lang. Arts Ed. (BSEd) - Major

Mathematics Education (BSEd) - Major

Science Education (BSEd) - Major

Social Science Education (BSEd) - Major


English (BA) - Major

Mathematics (BA/BS) - Major

Science Education (BS) - Major

Social Science Education (BA) - Major


Art Education (BA) - Major

Music Education (BME) - Major

Physical Education (BS) - Major

Educational Studies (BSEd) - Major

English (BA) - Major, Minor

Entrepreneurship (BBA) - Major

Environmental Studies (BA) - Major, Minor

Ethnic Studies - Minor

Exercise Science / Sports Performance (BS) - Major

Finance - Minor

Financial & Actuarial Sciences - Track/Emphasis in Mathematics

Forensic Studies - Minor

Gender Studies - Minor

Global Studies (BA) - Major, Minor

Health Promotion & Wellness (BS) - Major, Minor

History (BA) - Major, Minor

History Education (BS) - Major

Human Resource Management (BBA) - Major

International Relations (BA) - Major, Minor

Jazz Performance - Track/Emphasis in Music

Journalism - Track/Emphasis

3+3 Law Program
- Major

Leadership Studies - Minor

Legal Studies - Minor

Literature & Writing - Track/Emphasis in English

Management (BBA) - Major, Minor

Management Information Systems
(BS) - Major

Marketing (BBA) - Major, Minor

Mathematics (BA/BS) - Major, Minor

Music (BA) - Major, Minor

Music Education (BME) - Major

Music Marketing (BA) - Major

Musical Theatre (BA) - Major

Nursing (RN to BSN) - Major

Nursing (RN to MSN) - Major

Occupational Therapy (BS) - Major

Organizational Communication (BA) - Major, Minor

Philosophy (BA) - Major, Minor

Physics - Track/Emphasis in Computational Science

Physics (Engineering) - Minor

Political Science (BA) - Major, Minor

Pre-Professional - Track/Emphasis in Biology & Track/Emphasis in Chemistry

Professional Writing (BA) - Major, Minor

Psychology (BA) - Major, Minor

Public Relations Studies (BA) - Major, Minor

Religious Studies (BA) - Major, Minor

Social Science (BA) - Major

Social Welfare & Social Justice - Track/Emphasis in Sociology

Sociology (BA) - Major, Minor

Spanish (BA) - Major, Minor

Speech Communication (BA) - Major, Minor

Sport Management (BBA) - Major

Sport Psychology - Minor

Sports Performance - Minor

Theatre (BA) - Major, Minor



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