Gender Studies Minor

The gender studies minor complements McKendree’s more traditional liberal arts majors as well as its professional courses of study. This minor will benefit you whether you are in a professional program or in traditional liberal arts contemplating graduate study. Completion of this program will give you comparative insight into how scholars from different disciplines - including history, sociology, literature, writing, communication, and psychology – pose and answer questions about gender.




Program Highlights


Highlights of the gender studies minor program include:

    • A variety of courses designed to help you understand:

      • the multiple experiences and viewpoints of women and men in contemporary society and in history
      • the gendered constructions of power in American and in the world
      • the representations of gender in literature
      • and the psychology and sociology of gender
    • A focused study which will enable you to:

      • describe the varied and complex relations among social ideology, social structures/hierarchies, gender roles, and sexuality in various cultures

      • identify the presence and effects of gender discrimination in the United States and other societies

      • analyze cultural artifacts and texts using the interdisciplinary methods of gender criticism

      • summarize the basic elements of a feminist critique of Western society, including its political implications

      • evaluate various theories about the inherent similarities and differences among and between women and men
      • recover the long-neglected history and viewpoints of women in various cultures around the world
      • relate more effectively to individuals of the other gender in your social and professional lives




Minor Requirements


  • 18 credit hours

    • Six hours must be at the upper division level
    • No more than six hours may be taken from any one discipline
    • the representations of gender in literature
    • and the psychology and sociology of gender
  • Must maintain GPA of 2.25 in courses applied to minor

  • Relevant internship hours may be substituted for three hours of the minor requirements

  • Course requirements






A gender studies minor is beneficial to a wide variety of careers as well as prospective graduate school programs. Courses such as Sociology of Families, Gender in Literature, and Gender and International Relations provide a unique and valuable insight into how gender issues can affect businesses, religion, social programs, and more. This insight will prove invaluable as you enter the workforce or prepare to begin graduate studies. 



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