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Psychology Degree

Illustration of a BrainMcKendree University’s psychology program is for any student who is curious about the mind and behavior. Psychology students learn to understand others, think critically, interpret scientific information, and work professionally in a diverse world. Graduates are prepared for success in a range of careers and for graduate study in areas such as psychology, counseling, occupational therapy, social work, and forensic science.

At McKendree University, our students enjoy small class sizes and one-on-one guidance from experienced faculty members as they develop key professional skills in communication, teamwork, and data analysis. Seniors have the unique opportunity to conduct a capstone research project about a topic that interests them and then present the findings to peers and the campus community. After graduation, psychology majors find success in wide range of graduate degree programs and hundreds of different careers.

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McKendree is also proud to offer a minor in psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, forensic studies, occupational therapy, and sport psychology.



Quick facts/facts at a glance:

  • Our psychology students often attend graduate programs in psychology, counseling, occupational therapy, social work, and law.

  • Students investigate a psychological topic of their choosing during their senior thesis experience.

  • As part of their professional development, graduating students receive instruction on resume writing, interviewing, and job searching.

  • Psychology trains students in the skills that employers value the most such as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and data analysis.

  • Students receive one-on-one mentorship from professors on research, internships, and career planning.




Why a Psychology Degree?

The demand for experts in mental health, behavior change, performance enhancement, and data analytics continues to grow worldwide. Psychology students are uniquely positioned to meet these demands, making psychology one of the most popular majors in the United States. Psychology prepares students for hundreds of different careers, allowing them to use a blend of science and theory to understand and help people. This degree also prepares students for graduate programs in helping professions such as counseling and social work, experimental psychology programs such as cognitive psychology and biopsychology, and professional programs such as medicine and law. A degree in psychology opens countless pathways and possibilities to students, sharpens desirable skills in communication and critical thinking, and consistently rewards graduates with successful careers, making it one of the most attractive majors to college students.




Program Highlights


McKendree’s psychology program helps you develop crucial skills and gives you the real-world experience you need to succeed in your future career. Here are just a few reasons why our psychology program is right for you:

  • Connect with our faculty, who are committed to providing you with a one-on-one, high-quality academic experience to help prepare you for graduate school and successful careers.

  • Receive timely, accurate, and empathetic advising; training that prepares you for postgraduate success in the workforce or graduate studies; and opportunities to engage in research with your peers and faculty members.

  • Immerse yourself in a supportive yet intellectually challenging experience that sets you apart from the crowd.

  • Conduct a senior thesis research project about a topic that interests you and present your findings to your peers and the campus community during McKendree’s annual Academic Excellence Celebration.

  • Enjoy the unique opportunity to conduct research alongside your professors, present papers at national academic conferences, and gain real-world experience through exciting internships.

  • Take part in McKendree University’s Psychology Club, Psi Chi, and Pi Gamma Mu, which give you the chance to meet like-minded people, present your own research findings at national conferences, and enhance your resume.




Psychology Student Presenting PosterEmployment Opportunities


In just about any type of career, there is a need for an expert with a robust background in psychology. Graduates in psychology find employment in mental health clinics, crisis centers, substance abuse programs, social work agencies, eldercare facilities, human resources and personnel departments, criminal justice facilities, and the education system. Their work can include professional counseling within schools or the community, occupational therapy, sport psychology, law, divinity, and clinical social work, to name a few.

Some of the companies that our recent graduates are working for include:

  • Call for Help, Inc.

  • Catholic Charities

  • Chestnut Health System

  • Trinity Services Inc.

  • Counselors Associates Ltd.

  • BJC HealthCare

  • Nestle Purina




Internship Opportunities

Our psychology students have many opportunities to intern with a diverse number of local companies and organizations including counseling centers, academic success centers, schools, childcare facilities, and alongside sports psychologists. Here are only some of the places our recent students interned:

  • Violence Prevention Center

  • Trinity Services of Mascoutah

  • Madison County Probation

  • Chestnut Health

  • Hope Clinic for Women

  • Family Physicians of O’Fallon

  • Kathryn Klee Counseling

  • Counseling Associates of Southern Illinois




Interesting Courses


  • Abnormal Psychology

  • Honors Introduction to Psychology

  • Military Psychology

  • Positive Psychology

  • Sport Psychology





Clubs and Honor Societies


  • McKendree University’s Psychology Club

  • Psi Chi (The International Honor Society in Psychology): Members promote psychology on campus and attend an annual undergraduate psychology research conference.

  • Pi Gamma Mu (The International Social Science Honor Society): Members enjoy enriching activities, service projects, publications, guest lectureship grants, and scholarship programs.




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Key Faculty

Photo of Guy Boysen, Ph.D.Guy Boysen, Ph.D.

Carnegie Hall 201
(618) 537-6882

(Abnormal Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Honors Introduction to Psychology)


Photo of Michael Hahn, Ph.D.Michael Hahn, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Carnegie Hall 204

(618) 537-6886

(Biopsychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Statistics, and Research Methods)


Hui WangHui Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Carnegie Hall 202

(Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, and Developmental Psychology)