Ethnic Studies Minor

The ethnic studies minor complements McKendree’s more traditional liberal arts majors as well as its professional courses of study. This minor will benefit you whether you are in professional program or in a traditional liberal arts program contemplating graduate study.  No matter what major you choose, you would thrive with an ethnic studies minor.  Completion of this program will give you comparative insight into how scholars from different disciplines - including history, religion, sociology, literature, writing, communication, and psychology - pose and answer question about race and ethnicity. 




Program Highlights


Highlights of the ethnic studies minor include:


  • A variety of courses designed to help you understand the construction and functioning of ethnicity both in the United States and in a global context

  • By the end of your studies, you should be able to:

      • analyze diverse ethnic communities in a sympathetic and evenhanded manner

      • explain how racial/ethnic heritage can influence the way people understand and relate to the world around you

      • discuss the effects of racial/ethnic prejudice in American society, including your own life

      • function more effectively as a citizen in our increasingly pluralistic society

      • and relate more empathetically to people from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds




Minor Requirements


  • 18 credit hours (Six of which must be at the upper division level)

  • Must maintain GPA of 2.25 in courses applied to minor

  • Students can take no more than six hours from any one discipline

  • Relevant internship hours may be substituted for three hours of the minor requirements

  • Course requirements




Employment Opportunities

An ethnic studies minor is a great opportunity to widen your horizons, making you a valuable asset in a variety of career fields.  Gaining an understanding of the many ethnicities that make up our world and the challenges these groups face within your own community can be beneficial in career fields such as social work, education, business, politics, and more.  This minor can also provide a solid foundation in preparation for graduate studies.