Distinguished Speaker Series

Compelling speakers from National Geographic Live are sponsored by the George E. McCammon Memorial Distinguished Speaker Series.

The George E. McCammon Memorial Distinguished Speaker Series challenges students to examine key issues facing our society and apply the tools of their liberal arts curriculum as they search for truth and enlightenment.

In 1998, Class of 1925 alumnus George A. McCammon established the George E. McCammon Memorial Distinguished Speaker Series at McKendree with an endowed gift in honor of his father, Dr. George E. McCammon. Dr. McCammon served as a Methodist minister for 18 years before he became president of McKendree College in 1919.

Like his father, Mr. McCammon believed that significant learning is not limited to the classroom. With this gift to McKendree in his father’s honor, he created a forum for the exchange of ideas that occurs outside the classroom.




Steve Burns

Steve Burns

Wednesday, November 9 @ 6:00 p.m.

Children's TV Star

What Happened to Steve? With his heartfelt and open approach, Steve shares what happened to him after he left the television show.

Steve Burns is an American actor and television host best known as the original host of the long-running children’s preschool television program Blue’s Clues from 1996 until 2002. After years of being the face of the much-loved Blue’s Clues series, Steve said his goodbyes to Blue in 2001 and went off to college. On stage, he candidly talks about the successes and, more importantly, the failures he has experienced along the way. There may be laughter, and there may be even tear, but this event is sure to be insightful, authentic, and uplifting.

Presented in partnership with McKendree University Campus Activities Board (CAB)