Leadership Studies Minor

Leadership is broadly defined and can be studied from various theoretical perspectives. The leadership studies program purports that leaders are made and not born.  Through education, reflection, group work, and activities, you will learn the skills, habits, and characteristics that fit your unique leadership styles.  The minor in leadership studies at McKendree University complements your liberal arts major as well as professional courses of study.




Program Highlights

Highlights of the leadership studies minor program include:

  • A variety of courses designed to improve your personal development and provide hands-on leadership experiences

  • Participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities

  • The formation of a solid foundation for your future career or graduate school aspirations

  • Development of your personal leadership skills through hands-on activities and actual experiences




Minor Requirements


  • 18 credit hours (Six of which must be at the upper division level)

  • Must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better in courses applied to minor

  • Course requirements




Employment Opportunities


Minoring in leadership studies will provide you with vital hands-on leadership experiences which can easily be drawn upon when you enter the work force.  No matter your future aspirations, your leadership studies minor will benefit you in both your initial job search and throughout your career.