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Pre-Professional Studies Minor

Lexi Nash '17McKendree University’s pre-professional minor provides students with a solid foundation of core science and mathematics courses in order to prepare students for entrance into professional degree programs. This minor is an excellent choice for anyone who intends to work in the medical field or plans to apply to medical school, dental school, veterinary school, chiropractic schools, and more.

2023-24 Program Catalog

Why Choose a Pre-Professional Minor?

If your goal is to become a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or other medical professional, McKendree’s pre-professional minor is right for you. This minor includes courses that cover a broad range of scientific disciplines and core concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. These courses will prepare you to take entrance exams for medical professional school applications including the MCAT, VCAT, DAT, and more. A holistic background from McKendree’s pre-professional minor will help you take the first steps toward a successful future career.


A wide variety of courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics is required in order to earn a pre-professional minor at McKendree University. This minor works especially well in conjunction with a biology or chemistry major, but it is also available to any McKendree student who is interested in these career paths, even if they have chosen a non-science major. Learn more by referring to our course catalog.


Students who earn a pre-professional minor at McKendree and pass their required medical school exams enjoy the ability to work in a variety of fields including medical, dental, veterinary, and more. Our students also find successful careers in research programs in health and medicine, human and animal health services, and biomedical research.

Key Faculty

Photo of Vincent Dunlap, Ph.D.Vincent Dunlap, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Voigt Science Hall 220A
(618) 537-6814

Photo of Robb D. Van Putte, Ph.D.Robb D. Van Putte, Ph.D.

Voigt Science Hall 218
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