Political Science & International Relations

Given the pervasive influence of politics on our daily lives, a political science or international relations major is indispensable for you to critically analyze the world around you. You will learn:

•   Ideas of political philosophy

•   Theoretical approaches

•   Social science research design skills

You will then apply the knowledge and skills of the discipline to explore the many challenges of our contemporary world and to develop your own values.

Major Tracks

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science - 4-Year Plan

Designed to expose students to the philosophical and practical problems of political organization, action, and governance. This degree also encourages critical thinking about the nature of citizenship, rights, and duties in the modern world.

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations - 4-Year Plan

This interdisciplinary major requires courses from a variety of different areas, such as political science, English, history, religion and speech.


Program Highlights

Academic Opportunities

You’ll have numerous opportunities to serve as interns at different government levels, study abroad at over 80 universities, and present scholarship at national conferences.

Model United Nations

You’ll participate as a delegate in college-level simulations and as a committee chair in our on-campus program for area high schools.

Pi Sigma Alpha

This national political science honor society recognizes academic excellence by bringing together students and faculty interested in the study of government and politics.

Capstone Project

Both majors culminate with a capstone experience which provides you with the opportunity to do extensive research and present their findings in a seminar setting.


You will have a strong foundation for careers in a number of areas, including local, state, or national government, law, transnational governmental or non-governmental organizations, labor and industrial relations, city management and urban planning, political consulting and campaign management, social interest lobbying and journalism.

Some of our recent graduates have the following jobs:

•   Youth Leadership Director, The Leadership Institute

•   Public Defender, City of Belleville

•   Associate Fellow, World Policy Institute

•   Community Development Manager, St. Louis Community Credit Union

•   Risk and Resilience Project Manager, Argonne National Laboratory

•   Visiting Professor, Political Science, Whitworth University

•   Attorney, Brown and Dawson

•   Imagery Intelligence Analyist, National Imagery and Mapping Agency

•   Attorney, Thompson Coburn

•   College Access and Outreach, Illinois Student Assistance Commission

•   Assistant States Attorney, Franklin County

•   St. Clair County Office on Aging

•   Team Leader, K-12 Teacher's Alliance

Graduate School & Law School

Our majors have attended the following graduate schools:

•   St. Louis University

•   Harvard University

•   University of Kansas

•   Claremont Graduate School

•   Syracuse University

•   University of Kentucky

•   Texas A&M University

•   Carnegie Mellon University

•   University of Tennessee

•   The New School

•   Monterrey School of International Studies

•   Southern Illinois University

•   Eastern Illinois University

•   University of Missouri-St. Louis

•   University of Illinois-Springfield

Our majors have attended the following law schools:

•   St. Louis University

•   University of Wisconsin

•   Washington University

•   University of Illinois

•   Southern Illinois University


Meet the Faculty

Brian FrederkingDr. Brian Frederking

Professor of Political Science
Piper Academic Center (PAC) 204
(618) 537-6913

Ann CollinsDr. Ann Collins

Associate Professor of Political Science
Piper Academic Center (PAC) 203
(618) 537-6897


Joseph BlasdelJoe Blasdel

Political Science Instructor
Pearsons Hall, Lower Level
(618) 537-6815