President's Message

President Dr. James DennisDear Friends:

As I write to you the summer months are nearly behind us and the new academic year
lies ahead. Conventional wisdom has long suggested that you not wish your days away but rather enjoy the period of time you are currently experiencing.

This year I am finding that difficult to do. We find ourselves having just celebrated Commencement and yet, I am focused on the year to come. A year in which McKendree will welcome the largest freshman class in our history. The size is important of course, but even more remarkable is that our new students hail from 22 states and 12 different countries, and are as diverse in their activities as you can possibly imagine. I am excited to welcome them and see what their impact will be on our University.

We have just received word McKendree is now a full member of the NCAA Division II. Completing our transition to full membership is an accomplishment in itself but the real excitement now will come in future athletic seasons as McKendree students compete on the national stage in a way they have not been previously able to do. We are all excited about the start of the fall sport season. Perhaps it is healthy for a university president to be wishing his summer away - after all, at the center of all we do are our faculty and students and their work both in and out of the classroom. When they are away the place simply is not as full of life as it is during the academic year.

This publication will again serve to update you on all things McKendree, but I am most hopeful it will spur you to action. I hope it will cause you to plan a trip to campus soon to experience all the wonderful moments each year that are making me wish the summer away.


James M. Dennis