Amazing Superpowers: Strength and Agility

Photo of Kody Presswood '13Kody Presswood ’13, Powerlifting Pound for pound, he may be McKendree’s strongest alum. Kody won the World Powerlifting Congress Championship in Las Vegas, Nev. last November. He squatted 725 pounds, bench pressed 525 and deadlifted 561 in the 181-pound weight class, beating 68 qualifiers from 36 countries to bring home the gold and the sport’s highest award. He plans to defend his world title this year.

Photo of Jose Torres '15Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres ’15, Mixed Martial Arts The Bearcat wrestler, a physical education major from Cicero, Ill., won two gold medals for Team USA at the Pan American World Kickboxing Championships held in December 2012 in Brazil. He currently has two Muay Thai titles and earned his fourth amateur Mixed Martial Arts title at the American Predator Fighting Championship on June 22, 2013 in Chicago, Ill.