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Off-Campus Housing

McKendree University strongly believes in the value of the on-campus residential experience as an important educational component for student success. As such, it is the policy of the University to require all full-time, undergraduate student to reside in University housing. Studies have shown the following regarding students living on campus while attending college:

  • They earn better grades

  • They build stronger ties to the University

  • They build more meaningful relationships with peers

  • They are generally more satisfied with their college experience

  • They are more likely to graduate

Students wishing to live off campus must submit the Application to Waive the Residency Requirement for consideration by the Housing Waiver Committee. Waiver applications and all necessary supporting documents must be turned in to the Office of Residence Life on or before July 1 for exemption from housing for the fall semester, or on or before January 1 for exemption for housing for the spring semester.