Exterior of Barnett Hall

Barnett Hall

Built in 1966, Barnett Hall was originally used as a female student only dormitory. The building of the the residence hall was funded by Helen T. Barnett.  Barnett Hall is now a traditional style co-ed by floor residence hall with a laundry room and large community bathroom on each floor. Barnett also has a lounge on the first floor that can be used for study groups, meetings, programs, individual studying, and socializing.  Barnett Hall is conveniently located on main campus next to The Lair.

Layout: Traditional style housing with double rooms (2 students/room)
Capacity: 96
Floors: 3
Duty Cell Phone: (618) 975-4388

Room Information

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General Measurements: 

Each room may have some slight variation, but these general measurements are the average.

Room Dimensions - 11 ft. 7 in. wide (wall to wall) by 15 ft. 10 in. long (door to window)

Window - 48 in. wide by 60 in. tall (36 in. from floor to window ledge)

Wardrobe/Closet - 75 in. tall, 40 in. wide, and 20 in. deep

Desk - 30 in. high, 48 in. wide, and 42 in. wide


    • Tall Variety - 45 in. tall, 24 in wide, and 24 in. deep
    • Wide Variety - 30 in. tall, 30 in. wide, and 20 in. deep

Bed - 38 in wide by 83 in. long

    • Height - Adjustable between minimum 6 in. to maximum 42 in. from floor, bunkable

Mattresses - Extra Long Twin


Barnett Hall Staff


Professional Staff

Quenton Gilmore


Quenton Gilmore

Resident Director
Barnett Hall 106
(618) 537-3688





Anna Leitner


Anna Leitner

Senior Resident Assistant
Clark Hall 109
(618) 537-6855





Student Staff

Khalyn Smith

  Khalyn Smith
  First Floor RA      

Sydney Kane

  Sydney Kane
  Second Floor RA  

Breno Tebet

  Breno Tebet
  Third Floor RA     

Sean Harper

  Sean Harper
  Student Academic