Exterior of New Residence Halls

Residence Halls East & West

Built in 2011, Residence Halls East & Residence Hall West are two suite-style residential areas that house approximately 200 students together, with the East side being reserved for first-year students each year. Suites vary from four single-occupancy bedroom or two double-occupancy bedroom layouts with a shared bathroom and common area in each suite. The two building each have three flours, are connect by glass-enclosed skybridge on the 2nd and 3rd floor for easy elevator access. Residence Hall East provides a spacious Fireplace Lounge, that can be used for meetings, programs, studying, or socializing. Students can also find quiet space at the end wings of both buildings and a have the convenience of taking classes in the Academic Learning Center in Residence Hall West.

Layout: Suite style housing with two or four bedrooms to each suite (4 students/suite)
Capacity: Residence Hall East: 88 - Residence Hall West:104 
Floors: 3
Duty Cell Phone: (618) 304-6366

Room Information


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General Measurements: 

Each room may have some slight variation, but these general measurements are the average.

Room Dimensions -

    • Living Room - 11 ft. 2 in. wide by 11 ft. 4 in. long
    • Single-Occupency Bedroom - 9 ft. wide by 12 ft. long; some bedrooms may be slightly larger 
    • Double-Occupency Bedroom - 11 ft. 11 in. wide by 13 ft. 5 in. long

Window - 29.5 in. from floor to window ledge in all rooms

    • Single-Occupency Bedroom - 71 in. tall by 54 in. wide
    • Double-Occupency Bedroom - 71 in. tall by 67 in. wide

Living Room - 

    • Sofa - 32 in. high, 50 in. wide, 22 in. deep (seat is 17 in. to seat back)
    • Chair - 32 in. high, 25 in. wide, 22 in. deep (seat is 17 in. to seat back)
    • Coffee Table - 16.5 in. high, 36 in. wide, and 36 in. deep

Bedroom - 

    • Closet - 94 in. high, 43 in. wide, 14 in. deep
    • Desk - 30 in. high, 48 in. wide, and 42 in. wide
    • Dressers - 30 in. tall, 30 in. wide, and 20 in. deep
    • Bed - 38 in wide by 83 in. long
        • Height - Adjustable between minimum 6 in. to maximum 42 in. from floor, bunkable
    • Mattresses - Extra Long Twin

Security - 

    • Students will use their student ID to enter the building.
    • Students will be given a key to their mailbox and a key for their suite.
    • The bedrooms have push button locks, but are not lockable with keys - these bedroom doors can only be locked while a student is in the bedroom.


Residence Halls East & West Staff 

Professional Staff

Rose Marinucci


Rose Marinucci

Area Coordinator
Res Halls East/West, The Suites, & Hunter St. Apts.
(618) 537-6855
Residence Hall East 311




Robby Snellenberger


Robby Snellenberger

Senior Resident Assistant
Res Halls East/West, The Suites, & Hunter St. Apts.
(618) 537-6855
Residence Hall East 311





Student Staff

Avery Carr

Avery Carr 

First Floor RHE RA

Hunter Tucker

Hunter Tucker

Second Floor RHE RA  

Cassie "Kealoha" Charles

Kealoha Charles

Third Floor RHE RA  



Noah Javens

Noah Javens

First Floor RHW RA

Ryan Fung

Ryan Fung

Second Floor RHW RA

Mekaela DeGuire

Mekaela Deguire

Third Floor RHW RA