Exterior of New Residence Halls

Residence Halls East & West

Built in 2011, Residence Halls East & West are suite style residential areas that house approximately 200 students, with the East side being reserved for first-year students each year. Suites vary from four single-occupancy bedroom or two double-occupancy bedroom layouts with a shared bathroom and common area in each suite. The building features two separate three-story residential wings connected by a two-story, glass enclosed bridge. Residence Hall East provides a spacious lounge area, Fireplace Lounge, that can be used for meetings, programs, studying or socializing. Students can also find quiet study space at the end wings of both buildings and a have the convenience of taking classes in the Academic Learning Center in Residence Hall West.

Layout: Suite style housing with two or four bedrooms to each suite (4 students/suite)
Capacity: 196
Floors: 3
Duty Cell Phone: (618) 304-6366

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Residence Halls East & West Staff

Professional Staff

  Phil Osredkar

Phil Osredkar

Area Coordinator
Residence Hall East/West & Hunter Street
(618) 537-3688
Residence Hall East 311




Student Staf

Photo of Molina Smalley

Molina Smalley
First Floor RHE RA

Megan Molinari

Megan Molinari
Second Floor RHE RA  

Ariel Cardozo

Ariel Cardozo
Third Floor RHE RA  


Dylan Galbiati

Dylan Galbiati
First Floor RHW RA

Ebony Luster

Ebony Luster
Second Floor RHW RA

 Photo of Patrick Ross

Patrick Ross
Third Floor RHW RA

Taylor Alzate

Taylor Alzate

Community Coordinator