McKendree West Apartments Building

McKendree West

McKendree West is an apartment style residential area with each apartment consisting of two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and living and dining spaces. It is co-ed by apartment and located a half mile from campus, with transportation to main campus via the Bogey Bus. McKendree West residents also have access to the outdoor courts and clubhouse which houses a pool table and laundry facilities, and can be used for study groups, meetings, programs, individual studying, and socializing.

Layout: Apartment style housing with two bedrooms to each apartment (2 students/bedroom)
Capacity: 480
Floors: 3 floors/building
Duty Cell Phone: (618) 975-4386

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McKendree West Staff

 Professional Staff

Photo of Millard Curtis


Millard Curtis

Area Coordinator
McKendree West
(618) 537-6808
McKendree West Clubhouse




Elizabeth Coady


Elizabeth Coady

Senior Resident Assistant
McKendree West & The Triplex
(618) 537-6808
McKendree West Clubhouse





2020 - 2021 Student Staff

Marlen Mendez Garcia


Mendez Garcia

1201 RA

Sydnee Kimber

Sydney Kimber

1203 RA

Issac Winter

Isaac Winter

1205 RA


Camden Alcorn

1207 RA


Jonas Larrson

1211 RA



Martinez Camargo

1213 RA


Dan'Nesha Smith

1215 RA



Arteaga Herrera

1217 RA


Salome Walker

1219A RA

Haley Zylka

Haley Zylka

1219B RA