Off-Campus Living Community

Why should you live on campus?

Over 60 years of research has demonstrated that living on campus brings so much more to a student learning, growth, and development.

  • “Living on campus is positively associated with critical thinking” (Gellin, 2003). Students who live on typically earn better grades and are more likely to graduate.

  • Students building stronger ties to the University and are generally more satisfied with their college experience

  • Living on campus exposes you to a wide range of interests, ideas, cultures, and perspectives and promotes “knowledge and acceptance of different races and cultures” (Chang et al., 2006)

Additionally, it just makes sense.

  • It's convenient to be near the rest of campus - plus you can sleep in later!

  • It is generally more safe and secure with building checks and campus sweeps done nightly by Residence Life staff and Public Safety.

  • Living on campus helps to develop valuable life and leadership skills and you’ll become more involved. There are also more opportunities to meet people and develop meaningful relationships. The social supports bolster a student through the stress of adjusting to academic rigor and being away from home.

Still want to live off campus?  Complete the required waiver.

It is University policy that all full-time, undergraduate students are required to live in university housing. Students wishing to live off campus must submit this application for review by the Office of Residence Life. This policy can be waived for students meeting certain criteria.  To be eligible for a waiver, the student must, at the beginning of the term for which the application is being submitted, meet at least one of the criteria listed on the form. 

Students should not consider themselves exempt from the residency requirement prior to receiving written approval from the Office of Residence Life.  A student seeking a waiver to the residency requirement should not enter into any purchase, lease, or rental agreement with a third-party realtor or a lessee until they have received their approval notification.

Waiver applications and all necessary supporting documents must be turned in to the Office of Residence Life on or before July 1 for exemption from housing for the fall semester, or on or before January 1 for exemption from housing for the spring semester.

Residence Life recommends that before making the decision to reside off-campus that you speak with a Financial Aid counselor as there may be an adjustment to your financial aid package. 

The Housing and Meal Plan Contract is on-going, continuous, and binding. Returning students are expected to request their rooming preference on an annual basis and should understand that until they are officially released from the residency requirement, they are bound by the provisions of their Terms and Conditions of the Housing and Meal Plan Contract.

Here is the Application to Waive the Residency Requirement.




Once your waiver is approved, you will be able to enter Off-Campus Living Community - Housing MarketplaceThis can be your start of finding the perfect place to live, and getting the resources you need to make your first renting experience smooth and enjoyable.

  • save money on your security deposit with their Security Deposit Alternative Program

  • Easily connect with other students looking for roommates and off-campus housing
  • Understand how to improve your credit score with their free resources
  • Finance your education with access to over 20,000 scholarships
  • Find free legal assistance from trusted lawyers on housing-related issues

Students are welcome to peruse the site, but they will not be able to log in until after their Residency Waiver has been approved.  Graduate students wishing to gain immediate access can call the Office of Residence Life at (618) 537-6855.


Looking to rent to McKendree Students?

The platform prepares students to be educated and responsible renters through our suite of free resources and services. Tap into this network of students and quickly find your next renter.