Residence Life Documents & Forms

Application to Waive the Residency Requirement - This form lets you apply to have your housing requirement waived so you can live off-campus.  You can only access this form through your McKendree account.  


Application for Housing Accommodations - McKendree University works to serve and advocate for students with disabilities, ensuring equal access to educational opportunities and programs while promoting self-advocacy and independence.  This form can be used to request a Housing Accommodation or an Emotional Support Animal.


Damage Responsibility Form - This form gives every occupant the opportunity to accept responsibility for damages they caused during the course of their stay and to be charged appropriately.  It is suggested that roommates fill this out together.


Extended Stay Request Form - Spring - Students needing to stay in the residence halls/apartments after the official closing of the halls must submit this Extended Stay Request Form to the Office of Residence Life. 


Housing Contract Terms and Conditions - The contract and its terms and conditions that all residents hold with McKendree University.


Medical History and Immunization Form - This form, which is required by the state of Illinois, must be completed, signed by a physician, and submitted to the Office of Health Services before the student is permitted to attend classes or move into the residence halls.


Meal Plan Change Request - Please use this form to change the meal plan you are on.  This form is only open until the 2nd Friday in each semester. After that point, the meal plan is set for the semester.


Room Change/Waitlist Request - This form is to request a change in your housing assignment or to be added to a waitlist for a specific type of housing. 


Room Condition Reports - After check in, residents are required to assess their room, suite, or apartment. This form must complete within 72 hours of moving into the space. The assessment you provide will allow staff to follow up with any issues and submit work orders as needed. Please be honest and accurate on this form.

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Summer or Winter Break Housing - A form for students who want to work, study, or need to stay at the university outside of the regular academic semesters.