About Us

Mission Statement

The Office of Residence Life is committed to providing a safe and well-maintained residential community while promoting student success.

Pillars of Value


We prioritize the safety and security of our residential environments by responding to the diverse needs of our population and partnering with students in the resolution process.

Residential Community
We establish welcoming and supportive environments where students develop relationships and make meaningful connections by living and learning amongst their peers.

Mutual Respect
We assist students in developing mutual respect and appreciation for the differences within themselves and others while contributing to an inclusive student atmosphere.

Responsible Citizenship
We enable students to recognize their role as members of the campus, local, and global communities who act with adult standards of behavior and positively contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Development & Growth
We foster the holistic development of our residential population through experiences meant to challenge, engage, and educate.

We strive to support the mission of the University by providing opportunities for learning outside of the classroom that will enhance the overall college experience and academic excellence of our students.

Contact Us

Office: Clark Hall 109 & 111
Email: reslife@mckendree.edu
Phone: 618-537-6855
Fax: 618-537-6538
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Professional Staff

   Photo of Calvin Wertman

Calvin Wertman

Director of Residence Life
(618) 537-6855
Clark Hall 109


   Photo of Manda Burkhart

Manda Burkhart

Assistant Director of Residence Life & Greek Life
(618) 537-6855
Clark Hall 111


  Photo of Millard Curtis

Millard Curtis

Area Coordinator
McKendree West
(618) 537-6808


  Photo of Daksha Kharti

Daksha Khatri

Area Coordinator
Residence Hall East/West, Hunter Street, The Suites
(618) 537-3688


  Photo of Zachary Llewelyn

Zachary Llewelyn

Graduate Assistant Resident Director
Walton Hall
(618) 537-3689


  Photo of Jairo Javier

Jairo Javier Morales

Resident Director
Baker Hall
(618) 537-6406
Baker Hall 120


 Photo of Jeffrey Waisgainis

Jeffrey Waisgainis

Resident Director
Barnett Hall
(618) 537-3922