The President's Message

Dear Friends,

Dr. James DennisYou might recall that the last issue of the Magazine for McKendree was devoted to a celebration of “2,“ and we shared with you a number of stories about students with double majors and the number of twins we have in our student body. I concluded that issue’s message with the following sentence, “Look for more to come about twos in the next issue….”

I am pleased to introduce you to Eloise and Quinn (pictured, right). My oldest son Jeff, his wife Katy, and big sister Savannah welcomed twins to their family on March 1, 2012. Given the topic of our last magazine, I just couldn’t resist introducing them to you!

The notion of sharing a bit about my family with you is also fitting as we publish this issue of the Magazine for McKendree, in which we talk about one of the greatest legacies at McKendree and one of the most often used words to describe the McKendree experience: “family.” This “Purple” edition features a story entitled “Bleed Purple” and chronicles the legacy of four McKendree families who have had a deep and abiding relationship with the University, some for many generations.

As I reflect on the things that have endured in my life, words like pride, commitment and dedication come to mind and all of them describe the feelings I have, and know you share, about McKendree. We often celebrate the many changes that occur at the University—you will read about a recent example in this edition, as we share with you the news that we have purchased Locust Hills Golf Course in Lebanon—but some of the best things about McKendree are the things that endure.

The pride we feel when Commencement unfolds on the front lawn. The sense of family that students have talked about as a hallmark of the McKendree experience throughout our history. The deep and abiding affection shown for the University, as evidenced by Ruby Deppe, an alumna who gave a transformational gift after attending for only one year, but who never forgot the profound influence McKendree had on her life.

These stories speak volumes about who we are and what we value at McKendree. I hope you read this issue with pride as we share with you the latest news and accomplishments. I also hope you feel a sense of dedication and commitment to the legacy that we all share as members of the McKendree family.


Jim Dennis