Housing for New Students

McKendree Housing Application for new first-year and transfer students opens on February 1 for the Fall 2024 term!  

Let's get you registered for housing.


1.  Submit your $400 Campus Resident deposit ($200 for the Housing Fee and $200 for the Tuition Fee).   There are several Payment Options available.

2.  The day after the deposit is processed by Student Financial Services, the Housing Application will become available, if it is open.  It is best to have the deposit paid at least two business days before February 1 to ensure that it is processed in time to give the student access to the housing application at midnight on opening day.

You can either go to mycampus.mckendree.edu or click on MyMcK from the top right-hand corner of the McKendree home page.  Click Here to see instructions for getting to your Housing Application.  

What can you do before the application opens?

3.  Complete the appropriate campus housing application - sign the Housing Contract Terms and Conditions, indicate your personal preferences for housing and a meal plan selection, and also give information about yourself for roommate searches as well as contact information for a Legal Guardian/Parent and at least one Emergency Contact. 

NOTE: If the student is 17 or younger at the time of the application, the Legal Guardian/Parent will receive an email (as per the contact information provided on the housing application) that they will need to complete and sign off on the Terms and Conditions since the student is not yet a legal adult.

Applications can be revisited, edited, and submitted without the student's place in line being affected with a deadline of May 31; on June 1 and after, please email reslife@mckendree.edu your requested change.

Incoming students are assigned housing based on the following criteria:

1st - date and time of received, completed application,

2nd - indicated housing preferences based on availability,

3rd - roommate requests that are mutually agreed upon by all parties, and

4th - other preferences/profile information provided on the application.

Students are not guaranteed a specific building, room, or roommate(s), but every reasonable consideration will be given to students' preferences and requests for housing.

4.  If you are an incoming student for the Fall term, once the application is submitted, you will be able to search for a roommate or accepting a request from another to be roommates.  Spring term applicants will not be able to search for roommates due to the amount of filled spaces; please email our office if you have a specific roommate request.

5.  Housing assignments for the Fall term are sent out in mid-June.  Housing assignments for the Spring term are sent out in early January.  After housing assignments are announced students will be able to join a Waiting List if they did not receive the housing preference they desired most.



If you need to change or update the information or preferences your originally provided on your application, you can revisited, edited, and submitted without the student's place in line being affected with a deadline of May 31. On June 1 and after,  please send an email to reslife@mckendree.edu

Please note that all assignments are made without regard to race, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin, and the University rejects all requests for assignment changes based upon these reasons.



McKendree University works to serve and advocate for students with disabilities, ensuring equal access to educational opportunities and programs while promoting self-advocacy and independence. If you feel you require a housing accommodation or assistance animal while attending the University, it is advised that you submit a request with the Office of Disability Services. If approved, the Office of Disability Services will inform Residence Life of your requirements and we will work with you to ensure they are met.



All full-time undergraduate students of McKendree University are required to live in campus housing. However, students who met one of the exemptions of the Residency Requirement Waiver can be approved to live off campus.

Waivers must be submitted on or before January 1 if applying to live off campus starting in a spring term and on or before July 1 if applying to live off campus starting in a fall term.