Payment Plans

McKendree partners with Nelnet Campus Commerce to let you pay your tuition and fees over time, making college more affordable.


Payment Methods


  • Automatic bank payment (ACH)

  • Credit card/debit card (an additional fee will be assessed)

Payments are processed automatically on the 1st


Cost to Participate


  • $57 enrollment fee for semester plans

  • $30 returned payment fee, if a payment is returned


Simple Steps to Enroll


  • Contact McKendree University to set up a payment plan
      Phone: (618) 537-6868 or (618) 537-6404

  • McKendree University will send out an email inviting you to enroll in a payment plan

  • In the email invite select set up a payment plan

  • Sign in or create a username and password

Target Dates to Enroll By