Student Awards

We celebrate the academic accomplishments of our outstanding students in many ways. Some students are recognized by their academic departments, others by the University at large. We also applaud our students who receive prestigious awards, fellowships, and scholarships from organizations beyond McKendree. Key awards and recent winners are listed below:

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

2018-2019: Elizabeth Cochran (Morocco)

2018-2019: Emma Mooneyham (Argentina)

2017-2018: Emily Davis (Ireland)

2014-2015: Lauren Craft (Spain)

2013-2014: Victoria Cook (Costa Rica)

Fulbright Research Award

2018-2019: Naeelah Chism (Malaysia)

2016-2017: Jackson MacLean (Bulgaria; alternate)

Lincoln Laureate Award

2018-2019: Andrew Wagner

2017-2018: Himani Patel

2016-2017: Acadia Reynolds

2015-2016: Kenneth O'Dell

2014-2015: Lindsay Hansard

2013-2014: Anthony Rhoads

2012-2013: Matthew Ernst

MLK Humanitarian Award

2018-2019: Naeelah Chism & Ebony Luster

2017-2018: Shaniese Tally

2016-2017: Diana Nevarez

2015-2016: Shaquille Armstrong

2014-2015: Jeremiah Wilkens

2013-2014: Ariel Collins

2012-2013: Lance Allen

Newman Civic Fellow

2018-2019: Ebony Luster

2017-2018: Ileanisse Soto

2016-2017: Jessica Lirios

2015-2016: Shaquille Armstrong

2014-2015: Acadia Reynolds

2013-2014: Jennifer Stroot

2012-2013: Jessica Tieman

Phi Eta Sigma Scholarship

2018-2019: Magdalena Knapp (undergraduate scholarship)

2016-2017: Maximilian Aviles (graduate scholarship)

2016-2017: Ciara Jones (undergraduate scholarship)

2016-2017: Himani Patel (undergraduate scholarship)

Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship

2017-2018: Himani Patel

2013-2014: Anthony Rhoades

2012-2013: Jessica Tieman

2011-2012: Michael Anderson

Spirit of Kentucky Awards

2018-2019: Steve Morris

2017-2018: Jason Wade

2016-2017: Paul Baker & Lia Murphy

2015-2016: Howard Gleason & Charlotte Eldridge

Technos International Prize

2018-2019: Andrew Wagner

2017-2018: Jessica Lirios

2016-2017: Maximilian Aviles

2015-2016: Christin Austin

2014-2015: Victoria Cook

2013-2014: Nykhala Coston

2012-2013: Andrea Jenkins

Thomas R. Pickering Fellowship

2016-2017: Maximilian Aviles

2019-2020: Haylee Christ (alternate)

2019 Honors Convocation Academic Awards