Educational Administration & Leadership

The graduate program in Educational Administration & Leadership is designed for educators who want to continue developing their professional commitment and competence while seeking an Illinois Principal license. Graduate students in the program:

    • examine current educational theory and practice,

    • explore a variety of viewpoints to reflectively develop their professional competence and leadership style,

    • explore social issues affecting teachers and students,

    • expand their awareness of and respect for the unique development of schools, teachers and students,

    • consider effective collaboration with and accountability to students, parents, colleagues, and the community,

    • reexamine the development of values and professional ethics, and

    • gain greater intellectual and ethical insight.

The Educational Administration & Leadership program develops advanced proficiency in the Illinois School Leader and the Illinois Principal standards. Participants develop proficiency on the standards in three phases:

1. an orientation to and self-assessment of the standards;

2. development of the knowledge and predispositions required by the standards; and,

3. demonstration of performances implementing the standards.

Progress on the standards is evaluated throughout the program though a portfolio aligned with the standards.

Curriculum Requirements

The program consists of 39 hours of courses.


Course Number

Course Title


EDU 600

Professional Educator Seminar


EDL 600

Introduction to Principal Preparation


EDL 601

Technology Applications for School Administrators


EDU 615

Contemporary Issues in Education


EDU 611

Curriculum Theory and Design


EDU 612

Instructional and Curriculum Design and Evaluation


EDL 610

Supervision of Instruction


EDL 620

School Law


EDL 625

Finance and Facilities for Principals


EDL 630

Leadership Theory


EDL 640

School and Community Relations


EDU 641

Educational Research & Statistics


EDU 645

Action Research Planning


EDL 690

Internship I - Principal


EDL 691

Internship II - Principal


EDL 692

Internship III - Principal



Principal Preparation Requirements

The following Principal Preparation requirements will be verified at the time of admission to the university:

      • At least two year of teaching experience as teacher of record in a certified school (public, private, or parochial). Experience as an aide, substitute teacher, part-time teacher, etc. is not sufficient.
      • Evidence of a valid and current Illinois teaching certificate (e.g., early childhood, elementary, secondary, special K-12, or special preschool-age 21 certificates).
      • Evidence of a passing score on the test of basic skills/test of academic proficiency.

Class Format

This program is formatted for the working professional. Classes are offered in an eight week format, one night a week (there are a few courses that are in the 16 week format due to the requirement of the courses).


McKendree offers this program at:

  • Centralia High School,

  • John A. Logan College,

  • Metropolis Extension Center,

  • O'Fallon High School,

  • Sandoval High School, and

  • Waterloo High School.

For additional information on locations, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission.

Transfer Credit Restriction

No more than nine (9) semester credits will be accepted in transfer and can not be more than six (6) years old. Transfer credit must be submitted for approval prior to or during the first semester of enrollment.


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Lebanon, IL 62254
800-BEARCAT ext. 6576

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