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Make Your Mark

Online Graduate Programs

Fire up your PC (or Mac) and connect to the same McKendree quality education through the flexibility of online courses.

Master of Arts in Education

The Master of Arts in Education degree is available with the option of two majors or an endorsement:

Higher Education Administrative Services

This program is designed for those seeking to accelerate their career path in higher education or those wanting to transition from another profession.

Curriculum Design and Instruction

This program is for teachers who want to continue developing their professional commitment and competence. You’ll examine current educational theory and practice and explore a variety of viewpoints to reflectively develop your professional competence and teaching style.

Middle School Endorsement

McKendree University offers Middle School Endorsement classes for teachers with either elementary or secondary education certificates who wish to teach in departmentalized grade 5 through 8 must complete additional coursework in the nature and needs of early adolescents and middle school philosophy, curriculum and instructional methods.

Master of Business Administration 

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program focuses on integrated learning experiences which allow you to develop problem solving and team building skills in an environment where they can learn from both the faculty and each other. The program is designed for students who desire broad understanding of business operations without concentrating their studies in a particular field.

Master of Science in Nursing

Nurse Educator

This track is designed for nurses who desire to teach nurses or patients within the clinical setting.

Nurse Manager/Administration

This track is designed for those nurses seeking a leadership position in the field of nursing.

Palliative Care

This track provides advanced skills and knowledge on how to manage chronic disease.

Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration (MSN/MBA)

The MSN/MBA dual degree program represents a joint offering from the School of Nursing and Health Professions and the School of Business.  This degree is offered to nurses possessing a BSN degree who wish to attain nursing executive positions or become entrepreneurs.  The degree provides advanced financial expertise combined with the knowledge required with an advance nursing degree.  As healthcare organizations become more complex, administrators seek individuals with the skills provided by both business and nursing.  This degree fills the need for individuals desiring this combination of skill sets.  The student will be assigned to advisors in both areas of study.