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Audition Based Scholarship Opportunities

  McKendree University Athletic Bands: $3,000 awarded annually for co-curricular participation in the Marching Bearcat Band, Drumline and Color Guard

  McKendree University Visual and Performing Arts Division: $3,000 awarded annually for participation in an academic music ensemble such as Concert Band, Concert Choir or Dance Ensemble

•  State Music Educators Association Acheivement Award: ILMEA and MMEA instrumentalists of at least the District level are eligible to receive the maximum award of $5,000 for participation in both Marching Band and Concert Band. This award is applicable towards students from all states providing they have acheived this status their senior year of high school.


All 3 types awards are elligible to stack on top of academic awards, but none of them will stack together as of Spring 2016. (ex. Marching Band $3,000 + Concert Band $3,000 does not equal $6,000). Maximum awards when paired with academic awards can be as high as $18,000!

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Available Music Degrees:

The Department of Music at McKendree offers the following undergraduate degrees:

Music Education

Jazz Performance

Music Performance

Music Marketing

Church Music

McKendree also offers a traditional music minor as well as a music minor for elementary education majors. All intended music majors or minors MUST audition for program entry.


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For more information about your area of interest, contact one of the following professors:

Nancy Ypma

David Boggs

Dr. Nancy Ypma

David Boggs

McKendree University

McKendree University

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Lebanon, IL 62254

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•   Keyboard, Instrumental, and Vocal Performance

•   Music Marketing

•   Church Music

•   Marching Bearcat Band

•   Color Guard and Winter Guard