Photo of NSO Tent

I want to register for classes. Can I do so at any time?

All students must meet with an academic advisor before registering for classes. Advisors generally meet with new students during the (FYI) First-Year Introduction sessions. If you have not met with your advisor, contact the Office of Admissions at: (800) BEARCAT or  (618) 537-6831.

What kinds of on campus housing opportunities are available?

McKendree has a variety of exciting on campus options for students. An online housing application is available within the Office of Residence Life section of our website. You will also find the answers to questions such as Where will I live? What should I bring? What is life like in the residence halls?

What should I know about campus Health Services, and required forms?

For information, contact Health Services at: (618) 537-6503.

Where do I go to check in for New Student Orientation?

Check-In information and location will be posted prior to New Student Orientation.   

Where can my parents stay overnight before Orientation if we are traveling a long distance?

Family members may choose from the multitude of hotels in the Lebanon area. Some hotels do offer a special rate for family members of McKendree University students. Please refer to the following links when choosing hotels:

Area Hotel Listings

What should I wear during Orientation?

We encourage you to wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes. Most of the events are casual, and some do involve physical activity. Several activities to take place outdoors, weather permitting of course. Some events, like Convocation may require you to dress up a little more (business casual).

What is the best way to meet people during New Student Orientation?

One of the best ways to meet new people is to attend every event! There are many opportunities provided during New Student Orientation to meet other students. Playfair is one such opportunity. It is a highly recommended session that helps groups of people interact. You will meet most of your classmates at this event! Group Leaders will also facilitate sessions to promote interaction between students.