Move In

Welcome new Bearcats!  We are very excited that you have made McKendree your choice for education.  An exciting beginning to the semester is Freshmen New Student Orientation, a fun-filled event featuring educational programs and social activities designed to introduce you to McKendree, and to life as a college student.

You may be curious as to why you should attend Orientation, in addition to the First-Year Introduction (F.Y.I.) sessions that you will attend in the spring or summer.  Freshmen New Student Orientation picks up right where First-Year Introduction left off, and provides a more in depth introduction to the University as well as a chance to meet the rest of your classmates.

During Freshmen New Student Orientation, you will get an opportunity to meet the faculty and staff members who instruct the University 101 course.  You will also get to experience a number of other sessions directed at acclimating you to the collegiate environment.  Those sessions may include:  test taking and study skills, how and why you should get involved on campus, how to eat right and stay healthy, time and money management, plus a number of other informative sessions.  Your hosts during Freshmen New Student Orientation will be involved, upperclassmen who will serve as your small group leaders as well as your peer mentors  during University 101 class. 

Please note that all aspects of New Student Orientation are required.

A general schedule of this year's events for both students and family members is now available.  A more detailed schedule with full event descriptions and locations will be given to you when you arrive in August.  Please contact the Office of Campus Activities if you have any questions.  You can call our office at:  (618) 537-6856, or contact by email at croberts@mckendree.edu.  We look forward to meeting you and your family at Freshmen New Student Orientation.  A great program is being planned for you and we cannot wait for your arrival!