The McKendrean: Official Magazine of McKendree University - Winter 2022

A Message from President Dobbins

President Dobbins at Convocation 2021Dear Campus Community, Alumni and Friends of McKendree,

It is hard to believe that we have already begun the spring semester and are eagerly anticipating all the new beginnings that come with the season. Here at McKendree, this spring means getting back on the path to the future. We have all recently faced challenges in living a normal life. Forward momentum has been difficult to accomplish and maintain. Springtime on our campus reminds us that we can and must renew and restore ourselves and our University if we are to effectively accomplish our mission of providing a highquality educational experience to outstanding students.

Speaking of renewing, you may have noticed that the magazine you currently hold looks a little different. That’s because it is. This new and exciting project holds elements of the old magazine while giving McKendree a fresh voice and truly shining a spotlight on the people who make the University great – people like you. We’ve renamed the magazine The McKendrean in homage to the old yearbooks, which captured our stories and the memories we made here on campus.

As we move forward, we hope that this nod to our treasured past will help keep you even more connected in the future to the place you call home.

When you chose to become a Bearcat, you signed up for a unique experience that built a pathway toward your future. We are hoping to continue giving future students the chance to grow as people, learn, and become empowered on their path to success. You can read all about our latest initiative to accomplish this – Clear Path – in this magazine. Attending college is an expensive proposition, which is why now more than ever we are reaching out to show families in the surrounding communities that receiving an excellent education by attending McKendree is possible. In our Clear Path feature, you will learn how former Bearcats from Southern Illinois made their marks on their communities – and how future generations can do the same.

There are countless things to love about McKendree, but one of the things everyone can rally around is our beloved mascot, Bogey. That causes me to pause and think – how did we wind up becoming the Bearcats? Where did Bogey come from? And was there really a bear that lived on campus and interacted with our students? While Bogey has certainly changed throughout the years, there’s no doubt that this happy purple Bearcat puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

No one knows this better than the people who donned the Bogey suit with pride. In our second feature, you’ll get to read about tales behind the mask and see what it was really like to become Bogey.

While campus life is more normal than it was last year at this time, we are not yet completely back to “normal.” McKendree has a long history of pulling together to provide a high-quality educational experience to its students, and we continue to epitomize those efforts. In spite of all the challenges we have had to face, the campus community has worked hard to persevere as One McKendree, and I could not be prouder. Please be sure to take the time to stop by and say hello, enjoy a beverage or treat from the 1828 Café, take in a show, lecture, or film at the Hett, or attend an athletic event. After all, the University will always be your home away from home, and we would love to see you!

Thank you for all that you do every day to make McKendree the wonderful place it is today, whether you’re near or far. It’s because of people like you that I remain proud to be a Bearcat!

Together, We Are One McKendree!

Daniel C. Dobbins ’81

President | McKendree University