The McKendrean: Official Magazine of McKendree University - Winter 2022

Holman Library is Turning a New Page with Exciting Renovations

Library RenovationsEver since its completion in 1969, Holman Library has been the home of the University’s countless books, several computers and quiet corners in which students tuck themselves away to study. Now, the library is getting some much-needed renovations to make it an even more student-friendly study space.

Renovations will be taking place on the south side of the second floor beginning in January 2022. As you head upstairs and peer to your right, you will see not stacks of books but a space filled with eye-catching, modular furnishings and the latest technology, including drop-down microphones, enhanced video and sound technology and large screens with projectors. This space, which will seat up to 75 people, will be a meeting room in which presentations are given, Board of Trustees’ meetings or Brown Bags are hosted and collaboration is fostered.

Debbie (Miller) Houk ’91, director of Holman Library, is also eagerly anticipating the changes to the building and what it means for the library’s future. “The renovation will allow us to better serve the student population – we can have more collaborative spaces, areas for studying and allow for better use of technology,” she said. “The library is a great place for resources and to receive assistance with assignments or projects. I believe the renovation will increase the visibility of the library and be a place for more students to collaborate and study.”