Student Employment

The Work-Study Program supports the McKendree mission in three ways:

1. It provides part-time limited employment for students, helping reduce the financial barriers to higher education.

2. It provides a real life learning experience for students, encouraging them to be self-directed in the lifelong learning process.

3. It provides an effective support service to the college at a reasonable cost, contributing to the effective accomplishment of the goals of the college.

You must complete the following in order to be eligible to work on campus (Undergraduate Students Only)

Search for a Student Work Study Job

a. McKendree University Webpage Work Study List

b. Students may also contact the various departments on campus and ask them if they have a work study position open.


2. Work Study Award

a. You must have either been awarded Federal or Institutional Work Study

b. You can check your financial aid award letter to determine this.

c. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Financial Aid Office at ext. 6868.


3. Tax Forms

a. You will need to complete the appropriate tax forms at Human Resources and Payroll office on the corner of Merrill street and Stanton street.


If you are an INTERNATIONAL student, you must have your social security card before you start working.

***Placement is not guaranteed - we have more applicants than available jobs.