Estimated Cost of Attendance for McKendree University


2024-2025 Academic Year


Campus Resident


Direct costs

      Flat Rate Tuition (12-18 credit hours per semester)=$ 33,310

      Housing (Based on Barnett, Baker, Walton)=$5,470

      Meals (Based on 15 meal plan)=$6,030

      Fees (Activity/Health)= $1,430

      Total direct costs = $46,240


Indirect Costs

      Books= $1,000

      Loan Fees= $100

      Personal= $1,530

      Transportation= $1,080

      Additional Meals = $1,242

      Total Indirect costs= $4,952


Total Estimated Cost of Attendance =$ 51,192



Summerfield Suites = $5,470/year (Summer calculated separately)

McKendree West = $7,730/year (Summer calculated separately)

Suite Style Residence Halls - Double Suite = $7,180/year (Summer calculated separately)

           Residence Halls East and West- Double Suite =$7,470/year (Summer calculated separately)

Residence Halls East and West- Single Room = Plus 50% of rate (Summer calculated separately)




19 Meal Plan = $6,580/year ( Summer calculated separately)

15 Meal Plan = $6,030/year (Summer calculated separately)

10 Meal Plan = $5,270/year (Summer calculated separately)


* Tuition costs based on a flat rate charge. If a student takes fewer than 12 hours per semester, the tuition charge will be $1,080.00 per credit hour. If a student takes more than 18 hours per semester, tuition will be $1,080.00 per credit hour over the 18 hour flat rate charge.

Please note that this is a cost of attendance budget ONLY. This budget is used to determine financial aid eligibility as required by the Department of Education.

Financial aid is deducted from the total due to McKendree.

McKendree reserves the right to change the cost of tuition, housing, meals and fees at anytime.