Work Study Positions


Listed below are the Institutional Work Study and Federal Work Study opportunities available at McKendree University. Students may contact the various departments on campus and ask them how to apply for the open positions. Students interested in working on campus must be able to provide original employment eligibility documents. For a complete list of acceptable documents, please reference the I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification List of Acceptable Documents.



Admissions Office

First-Year Introduction Peer Leader (Ongoing Recruitment)

Responsibilities - Work directly with incoming students to support their transition to McKendree University. Peer leaders will train during the spring semester and attend scheduled F.Y.I. sessions during the spring and summer months. 

Supervisor- Josie Blasdel (618) 537-6836


Student Ambassador (# of Vacancies 10)

Responsibilities - Giving Campus tours, attending admission and campus events, serving as overnight host when needed, and other duties as needed.

To apply for this position, click HERE

Supervisor - Anita Gentry- -(618) 537-6408 


Tele-Counselor (Ongoing Recruitment)

Responsibilities- Call prospective students and encourage them to visit campus and make applications to the University by sharing your McKendree spirit and answering questions. Phone calls will be made in the evenings in the Office of Admissions during the fall and spring semesters. 

To apply for this position

Supervisor- Thomas Green (618) 537-6835



 Art Department- Visual Arts


 Model work for Life Drawing

  Non-nude. 3 hours a week Tuesday/Thursday, 12:30 to 1:50pm.

  Supervisor- Reports to the on-site faculty for that scheduled day. 

Jefferey Nihiser 616-537-6987,   BWAB




Event Staff ( # of Vacancies- as many as possible)

Responsibilities - Help with all game functions to keep games running smoothly and other duties as needed. Potential job offerings: Tickets, Scoreboard, Security for events and more!

Supervisor - email:


Football Operations (# of Vacancies- as many as possible)

Fall & Spring:

Responsibilities - Film practices and games, break down data, marketing, recruiting, and other duties as needed.

Availability -

Very Flexible

Morning Practices possible

Saturday availability for home games

Supervisor - Mike Babcock 618-537-6847



Campus Activities Office

Crew member (# of Vacancies 30 - these include regular staff and substitutes)

Responsibilities - Crew members work behind the scenes to make our events and activities happen. Being a crew member is a great way to get involved, gain leadership experience, and have a great time meeting new and fun people. Crew members assist with general duties at the IM Gym, Fitness Center, the Lair (when available), and concessions. Please see link for complete description.

For the complete jobs, descriptions, and to apply please click HERE.

Supervisor - Craig Robertson (618) 537-6856.


Student Manager (# of Vacancies 12 - these include regular staff and substitutes)

Responsibilities - Supervision of the staff and general operations. Assist with staff scheduling for Campus Activities concessions at Athletic events, coordination and execution of recreational and leisure programs. General managers also assist with supervisory duties(Lair, IM Gym, Fitness center) as need.   

For the complete jobs, descriptions, and to apply please click HERE.

 Supervisor - Craig Robertson (618) 537-6856


Campus Activities Board Lead Coordinator (# of Vacancies 2)

Responsibilities: The Lead Coordinator will serve as the official representative on select committees (i.e. SGA Meetings, RSO President's Forum, Board of Trustees Meetings, etc.)The Lead Coordinator is responsible and accountable for providing leadership in the development of a well-balanced Master Calendar of Programs that serve the needs and interests of the McKendree Campus Community. 

This position schedules and presides over the weekly meeting of CAB and acts as a liaison with other campus organizations. The Lead coordinator makes sure scheduling deadline are set and met, with appropriate forms have been submitted.


Campus Activities Board Program Coordinators (# of Vacancies 6)


(Minimum requirements: Variety of Music and Comedy events through the semester)

Coordinates music, comedy, and movie events for attendance on or off-campus. These may include: karaoke, small coffee house events, larger concerts, and live comedy acts. A variety of movies may be held on campus or at a number of local venues for free or low cost.


Late Nights and Weekends:

(Minimum requirements: Variety of travel/off-campus based events per semester)

Plan a number of late night events that may occur any day of the week. The coordinator also plans a diverse variety of activities that occur specifically on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday each month. Past late night and weekend events have included: dance parties, snack events, bowling, trips to the zoo, sporting events, concerts, festivals, etc. We may also work with other campus groups and local businesses to provide collaborative entertainment. 


Special Events:

(Minimum requirements: Variety of daytime, late night, and weekend events per semester).

Plans a wide range of "out of the box" events. Many are generally random, low-budget activities that may involve food, creativity, and fun! Recent events included: Massage Therapists, Bingo Nights, Mario Day, Trap & Paint Night, National Pretzel Day, and others! There may also be local area events or regional trips that appeal to on campus students as well as non-traditional students or those that are commuters. Many of the events may be free or at a discounted rate. 

Issues and Culture:

(Minimum requirements: Variety of Issue-based and Culture Events per semester)

Issues and Culture programming can be serious, fun, educational, or a bit of all three! This coordinator strives to provide forums, lectures, and talks on a variety of issues and topics that challenge students' thinking. It may also focus on activities for and about other cultures, minority groups, or underrepresented populations. Our goal is to bring awareness to pressing issues on campus, locally, nationally, and internationally to expand students’ knowledge beyond the classroom.


(Minimum requirements: Variety of Annually Scheduled Programming and Athletic-Based Events per semester)

We're all about tradition and plan some of the larger events that are available to McKendree students, faculty, staff, their families, and the Lebanon community. These are generally events that have been longstanding and unite tradition with memorable moments. The following events are the primary focus of the committee: Welcome Week, Homecoming Week (overall coordination, Relay Games, Royalty Court, and Parade), Finals Week Stress Fest (fall and spring), Spring Fling.

Public Relations:

(Minimum requirements: General photography and social media work; Assistance with various events.)

The Public Relations Coordinator will assist the Office of Campus Activities with a variety of creative designs and publicity materials. This position plays an important role in the branding and promotion of the Office of Campus Activities, specifically with The Lair, Campus Activities Board, and Campus Recreation.  This may include:  Establishing and maintaining a media presence for the Office of Campus Activities, its staff, and its programs via photography, social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other means. Some duties may require specialized experience and/or knowledge.


Hours: The coordinator will work a flexible schedule but possibly not more than 8-10 hours per week. This position is available for Federal Work Study.

For the complete jobs, descriptions, and to apply please click HERE.

Supervisor - Craig Robertson (618) 537-6856


 Campus Recreation General Staff (# of Vacancies 15)

General Responsibilities - Be alert and visible to all users of the facility. Maintain general organization - clean area, administer equipment (check out/ check in) as needed, educate patrons on policies and rules. Assist patrons as needed. Report broken or unusable equipment. Obtain proper identification as needed. Staff members will assist with concessions operations and general event program offerings.


Weight Room Responsibilities - Keep the facility clean and organized. Maintain appropriate volume and content of music. Other descriptions as listed. 


Recreation General Staff Responsibilities – Maintain reception area, assist students and coaches with lights, backboards, curtains, and etc. Maintain a clean working and playing area. 


For the complete job description and to apply please click HERE.

Supervisor - Craig Robertson (618) 537-6856


Campus Recreation Coordinator (# of Vacancies 2)

Responsiblities - Assist with the planning and scheduling leagues and events. Assist with the training of officials and other essential staff employees. Assist with the supervision of General Staff and Intramural activities.

For the complete job description and to apply please click HERE.

Supervisor - Craig Robertson (618) 537-6856


Campus Recreation Official/Scorekeeper (# of Vacancies 10)

Responsibilities - Officials are one of the most important positions of our program. Persons in these positions must have an above average knowledge of the rules and officiating procedures fo the game, enforce the rules of the game and be capable of controlling difficult game situations without bias. General training is provided. Attributes include: 

- Sports Officiating experience is preferred but not required.

- Thorough knowledge of the Campus Recreation Policies and Procedures

- Thorough knowledge of the sport(s) being officiated

- Thorough knowledge of score-keeping for the sport(s)

- Physical ability to effectively officiate the sport(s) being offered

- Strong interpersonal skills


For the complete job description and to apply please click HERE.

Supervisor - Craig Robertson (618) 537-6856



Dining Services

Ames Station Attendant (# of Vacancies 5) 

Responsibilities - Prepping and serving food, working with kitchen staff, maintaining a clean station during food service, cleaning after Lunch and Dinner shifts.

Supervisor - Chandler Morley ( or 618-537-6985)


Ames Dish Room (# of Vacancies 5) 

Responsibilities - Working dish-room and restocking clean dishes. Variety of shifts available including: lunch, dinner, and weekend shifts.

Supervisor - Chandler Morley ( or 618-537-6985)


Ames Dining Room Attendant (# of Vacancies 5) 

Responsibilities - Maintaining a clean dining area, including wiping tables, cashier, vacuuming, etc.

Supervisor - Chandler Morley ( or 618-537-6985)



The Division of Science & Math

Biology Lab Assistant (# of Vacancies 3)

Responsibilities - Will assist with Bio 110 lab classes during the Fall 2023 semester. Lab assistant will help to direct or instruct students in lab procedures. Must have successfully completed Bio 110 prior to Fall 2023 with at least a B and/or have recommendation from a lab instructor. 

Supervisor - Dr. LaMora (



Hettenhausen Center for the Arts

Artist Services Coordinator (# of Vacancies 1)

Responsibilities - Coordinate hospitality for artists at McKendree Presents, procure artists' requirements before each performance, and arranging the green room. 

To apply please contact:

Supervisor - (618) 537-6557


Event Staff/House Manager (# of Vacancies 6)

Responsibilities - Fulfill ticket requests for events, answer phones, respond to internet and in-person inquiries, provide administrative assistance to the Director, update database, operate box office for ticketed events at the theater, take tickets at theatre entrance, assist patrons to their seats, distribute programs, reset the house following a performance for next event, assist with special event needs, and other duties that may arise. Need to be able to work some evenings and weekends. 

To apply please click here.

Supervisor - (618) 537-6557


Hett Graphic Designer (# of Vacancies 1)

Responsibilities -Design flyers promoting events at the Hett, layout programs for events, and create images to use with labvertising.

To apply please contact:

Supervisor - (618) 537-6557


Theater Technician (# of Vacancies 8)

Responsibilities - Assist in setting up and tearing down events, assist in the maintenance of theatrical equipment, assist in the construction of scenic elements for productions, and other duties as needed. Technical theater experience preferred.

To apply please click here.

Supervisor - Doug Magnussen (618) 537-6551



History/Political Science Department

Research Assistant

Responsibilities- Archival and other types of research for the McKendree bicentennial history project.

Supervisor- Brian Frederking (618) 537-6913



Information Technology

Daytime Helpdesk Assistant (# of Vacancies 0)

Responsibilities - Customer service and phone support for Helpdesk and Switchboard, troubleshooting technical questions, assist with account maintenance, audio and visual equipment configurations, in field work, and configuring network, hardware, and software.

Supervisors - (618) 537- 6422 




Student Worker (# of Vacancies 0 ) 

Responsibilities - Performs all circulation desk duties, including helping patron, answering phone, and basic library tasks. Other duties or projects assigned by librarians as needed. May require evening and weekend hours.

Supervisor - Jennifer Funk ( or 618-537-6515)



The Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service

Student Mentors  (# of Vacancies 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon)

Responsibilities - Lebanon Elementary Before and After School Program for student workers who enjoy mentoring and assisting young students with their homework. Elementary education majors or related field of study preferred. 

Monday through Friday's when school is in session.

Mornings: 6:45 am - 8:30 am

Afternoons: 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Supervisor - Rev. Beverly Wilkes-Null (618) 537-6962




Operations Assistant (# of Vacancies 4-6)

Responsibilities - Moving items, set up events on campus, and administrative duties as needed.

Supervisor - (618) 537-6958



Physical Plant

Custodian (# of Vacancies 2)

Responsibilities - Lifting and moving furniture, vacuuming, scrubbing, waxing floors and classrooms, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Sue Froding-Adams (618) 537-6974


Maintenance (# of Vacancies 2)

Responsibilities - Carpentry, building repairs, light plumbing, maintenance cleaning of appliances and equipment, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - (618) 537-6487



Printing & Mail Services

Printing and Mail Student Assistant (# of Vacancies 3) 

Responsibilities - Assistant will greet students, faculty, and staff when they enter the office. They will also sort packages and mail, and they will notify students when a package arrives. Assistants will also be tasked with cutting, trimming, assembling, folding, and binding printed materials. Shifts are available from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Supervisor - Tim Mullins ( or 618-537-6927)



Public Safety

Public Safety Assistant  (# of Vacancies Unknown)

Responsibilities- Public safety Assistant  are called upon to assist Public Safety with parking for sporting events, Hett events, and other high traffic, high crowd events on campus. For Criminal Justice Students, we will also attempt to visit St. Clair county jail, St. Clair county courthouse, State Police forensic lab, and foster a ride-along with Lebanon Police Department. Students must first be approved for work-study.

Supervisor- Chief Tony Tomlinson (618) 537-6911



Residence Life

Residence Life Clerical Assistant (# of Vacancies 1) 

Responsibilities - Serves as a resource to students, parents, and guests; answers phone calls with a positive attitude; performs administrative and clerical tasks with proficiency; and completes Room Condition Reports for exiting residents.


        Residence Life Mail Clerk ( # of Vacancies 1)

Responsibilities- Serves as Residence Life working with Printing and Mail Services to deliver mail to serves students to the University. Must have 1.5 hours of available time, Monday -Friday for mail delivery.                                                                        

            Supervisors: Calvin Wertman & Millard Curtis  618-537-6855



School of Education 

              Student worker  (# of Vacancies 2-3)

Responsibilities- School of Education is seeking a highly motivated and creative student worker to assist with marketing and communications tasks. This position offers a unique opportunity for talented individual  to gain hands-on experience in  graphic design, marketing and social media within a university setting. Link

  Supervisor- Dr. Michael Downton (



Sports Information

Student Staff (# of Vacancies 5)

Responsibilities - Filming home games for Bearcat Sports Network, provide game-day statistics at home contests, take action and candid photos of sporting events, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Maxwell Bennett  (618-537-6879)



Student Financial Services

Student Worker *Currently filled*

Responsibilities - General office duties that include, but are not limited to, answering phones, greeting all who enter the office, scanning, filing, assisting counselors, and other duties as assigned.

Supervisor - Kari Frye (618)-537-6575



Academic Affairs/ Provost Office   

Classroom Facilities Monitor 

Responsibilities - Requires 2-3 hours per week. Ensuring tables and desks are cleaned (wiping down as needed). Monitoring that the whiteboards and chalkboards are cleaned, check in on the conditions/supplies. Cleaning classrooms of any personal items left behind. Checking each classroom space for damages/failures (windows, doors, chairs, heating/AC, lighting, etc.) Reporting to Academic Affairs Office manager. Monitor campus bulletin boards for timeliness of flyers. Approximately 34 classrooms, requires schedule flexibility, as not all of the classrooms are empty at one time. Assisting with special events on campus (e.g., Academic Excellence Celebration).

             Supervisor - Susan Lowe (618) 537-6812 



Academic Records

Office Clerk 

Responsibilities - Provide customer service, data entry, filing, and answering the phone.

Supervisor - (618) 537-6819



Administration and Finance Office

Accounting Assistant 

Responsibilities - Data entry, review bookslips, data analysis, and other projects as needed.

Supervisor - (618) 537-2159



Admissions Office

Office Worker 

Responsibilities - Assisting with mail and filing, data entry, assembling of program material, give campus tours, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Josie Blasdel (618) 537-6836




Student Equipment Manager

Responsibilities - Set -up and break down facilities for sporting events, launder and sort practice and game uniforms, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - (618) 537-6879

Track & Field Student Worker 

Responsibilities - Inputting data entry for results and recruiting, working track and field preview days, assisting with all digital and printing recruiting efforts, and other duties as needed.

Wrestling Management

Responsibilities - Video Events, operate head table at events, clean mats daily, wash practice laundry, keep statistics for wrestling program, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - James Kisgen (618) 537-6872



Band Department

 Office Staff- *Currently filled*

Note - Must be a current Band member.

Responsibilities - Any administrative task which needs to be completed.

Supervisor -Dr. Jennifer Moder-Bell  (618) 537-6428



Career Services

Career Service Assistant

Responsibilities - Create monthly newsletters; design marketing materials to promote various events and programs; assist with creating content for social media pages; partner with staff for the annual Graduate Survey; input data into online job system; help in other various other projects as necessary. Seeking a creative and detail-oriented student with strong written skills who is interested in obtaining transferrable skills for employment after McKendree. 

Supervisor - Danielle Powers (618) 537-6805



Marketing and Communications

Student Content Creator 

Responsibilities - Working with the marketing team to generate content for social media platforms to promote McKendree University and campus life. May also be featured in or assist in the production of other short form marketing videos. Assist with other marking tasks.

Supervisor - Michele Erschen (618) 537-6571



Counseling Services

 Front Desk Worker *Currently Closed*

Responsibilities - Student workers will greet and check students into their appointments, answer phone calls, schedule appointments, and regular office duties as needed. 

Supervisor - Melissa McHenry (618) 537-6416



Development, Alumni, & Parent Relations Office

Assistant to Staff

Responsibilities - Student workers contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere by greeting alumni and guests who visit the office. They handle phone inquiries and provide essential office coverage during lunch hours. Responsibilities include a diverse range of tasks such as updating electronic records, assisting with event logistics, and supporting various initiatives, that could even include being featured in marketing materials. We are committed to working with you to identify your strengths and ensure you feel comfortable in your role within our office and our projects. Join our dynamic team today!

Supervisor - Lori Kuper (618) 537-6443



           Student Philanthropy Ambassador

Responsibilities - As a Student Philanthropy Ambassador, you'll foster a culture of giving on campus by educating students about philanthropic initiatives, promoting events like the Senior Class Gift and One McKendree Giving Day, and inspiring lifelong philanthropy. Daily tasks include creating social media content, coordinating tabling events, and recruiting fellow students. We'll help you identify your strengths and ensure you're comfortable in your role. Join us in making a lasting impact on our McKendree community!

Supervisor - Holly Sallee (618) 537-6824



Health Services

Front Desk Clerk - CURRENTLY FULL

Responsibilities - Check patients in for appointments, answer phones, light office work, and other duties as needed.

Mondays,  Wednesdays,  and Fridays 10-12.  6 hours weekly

                Supervisor - Lesa Auten (618) 537- 6503



Office of Institutional Advancement

 Office of Chaplain Student Worker 

Responsibilities - Answer phones, publicity, computer and communication, classroom details, setup details for special events, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - (618) 537-6962




Technical Services Student Worker 

Responsibilities - Search for records in library catalog, assist with entering records into library database, assist with library displays, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Debbie Houk (618) 537- 6951



The Lyn Huxford Center for Community Service

Office Assistant 

Responsibilities - File management, developing and advertising programs, making copies, general office work, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Rev. Dr. Beverly l. Wilkes-Null  (618) 537-6962



Assistant to VPA Chair * currently filled*

Responsibilities - Assist with choir and music department items, get music from Eisenmayer, organize robes for choir, copy music for the vocal department, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Dr. Nancy Ypma (618) 537-6922



Operations Assistant 

Responsibilities - Moving items, set up events on campus, and administrative duties as needed.

Supervisor - (618) 537-6958



Physical Plant

Clerical Worker 

Responsibilities - Answering phones, taking messages, filing, entering information into spread sheets, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - (618) 537-6969



Responsibilities - Weed whacking, using a backpack blower, exterior painting, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Adam Kasper (618) 537-6099



Student Success Center

 Proctor for Testing Center 

Responsibilities - Students will receive, process, proctor, file and submit exams for faculty on behalf of students who have missed exams, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Linza Brachear (618) 537-6427



Responsibilities - Work with student peers to provide one-on-one or group tutoring assistance in person or online and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Jennifer Miller (618) 537-6572


 Student Assistant 

Responsibilities - Provide excelled customer service, answer phones, schedule appointments, sort mail, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Linza Brachear (618) 537-6427


 Writing Consultant 

Responsibilities - Provide one-on-one assistance with writing to students, support writing center initiatives, use non-tutoring time to improve on tutoring skills, and other duties as needed.

Supervisor - Jennifer Miller (618) 537-6572



Voigt Science

Laboratory Assistant 

Note- Only Science Majors who have an academic standing of Sophomore-Senior should apply.

Responsibilities - Assist Scientific Materials Manager, faculty, and staff by providing indispensable support in a variety of ways that support the laboratory courses including, but not limited to: cleaning and organization of teaching spaces and associated work areas, laboratory preparation work such as preparing materials, reagents, and equipment needed to conduct laboratory exercises, turning over material when labs are completed, occasional assistance with laboratory instructions, and other duties as needed. 

Supervisor - (618) 537-6954