Mathematics is the study of quantities, patterns, and relationships that utilizes both abstract and concrete methods. Logical reasoning, the ability to use different forms of representation, and effective communication are necessary in order to master mathematics.

An increasing number of employers are hiring mathematics majors for careers in which their problem solving skills can be applied to other areas beyond those traditionally considered mathematical. A degree in mathematics focuses on problem solving and communicating technical information, both skills highly valued by employers.

Major Tracks

Secondary Education - 4-Year Plan

If you enjoy teaching, consider the degree track in secondary education. This track gives you an extensive background in both mathematics and education and is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the State of Illinois.

Financial and Actuarial Sciences Track - 4-Year Plan

If you are considering a career in banking or finance, consider the degree track in financial and actuarial sciences. You will take courses that focus both on mathematics and business. Specific courses focus on the mathematics for the first and second professional actuarial exams. These exams are the first licensing requirements to become a professional actuary as determined by the Society of Actuaries.

General Mathematics Track - 4-Year Plan

If you intend to pursue an advanced degree in mathematics, law, or medicine, consider the general degree track. This track focuses on problem solving, logic, and the communication of highly technical information.

We also offer minor in mathematics. Chemistry and computing majors often choose this minor. In order to obtain the minor, you are required to take Calculus I, II, and III, in addition to three courses at the 300-level or above (excluding MTH 310-Statistics).


Program Highlights

Research Opportunities

Recently, mathematics majors have participated in Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU's) in Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Ohio, and South Carolina, and have presented their research at national conferences; several also have published articles in well-known journals. In addition, all mathematics majors give at least one presentation and write one paper on a topic of their choice in our culminating experience course, Seminar in Mathematics.


Mathematics majors have the opportunity to help their fellow students at the McKendree Academic Support Center. Please contact Ms. Clarissa Melvin if you are interested in such an exciting opportunity!

Local Internships

You will have the opportunity to participate in paid summer internships with several local companies, including Monsanto, Allsup, Inc. and Hortica Insurance.

McKendree MathCats

You can participate in the McKendree MathCats - the campus mathematics club.

Honor Society

Sigma Zeta is a national undergraduate honor society that both fosters and recognizes scholarly activity in science and mathematics. Each year groups of McKendree students attend and present at the Sigma Zeta national convention.


Graduates frequently find jobs utilizing their skills in computer or electrical technology, statistics, probability, consulting, and market research.

Some of the companies that our recent graduates are working for include:

•   Allsup, Inc.

•   Boeing

•   Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

•   State Farm Insurance


Notable Alumni


Aleesha Moran `13 is pursuing a Ph.D. in pure mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis.

Anthony Rhoads `14 is pursuing a Ph.D. in biostatistics at the University of Iowa.

Maggie Rahmoeller '10 is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Roanoke College in Virginia. 

Stephanie Thomas `10 received her master’s degree in mathematics from St. Louis University in 2012 and now works for the Department of Defense near Baltimore, MD, as an Applied Research Mathematician. 

Tyler Schwierjohn ASA, MAAA '08 currently works at Wellpoint in St. Louis, Missouri and has recently become a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries. 


Meet the Faculty


Alan AlewineJ. Alan Alewine, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics
Voigt Science Hall 115
(618) 537-6931


Heather DyeHeather A. Dye, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Voigt Science Hall 102 B
(618) 537-6556


Dennis RyanDennis Ryan, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics
Voigt Science Hall 119
(618) 537-6937