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Chemistry is the inquisitive science in search of understanding the nature of reactions in our bodies and the world around us. Chemistry is entering the lives of each of us more intimately through alternative fuels, high temperature superconductors, and the search for a genetic switch to immortality. Tomorrow’s world is the world of chemistry.

A chemistry degree gives you the opportunity of studying a wide variety of specialized chemical fields, such as:

•   Biochemistry

•   Astrochemistry

•   Environmental chemistry

•   Forensic chemistry

•   Polymer chemistry

•   Quantum chemistry

Major Tracks

Bachelor of Science - 4-Year Plan

General Track

Bachelor of Science - 4-Year Plan

Pre-Professional Track

Science Education - 4-Year Plan

Chemistry Emphasis

A minor in chemistry and biochemistry is also offered.

Program Highlights

Research Opportunities

You’ll have the unique experience of working one-on-one with a faculty member on an original research project with the goal of publishing or presenting the outcome at several national, state and regional meetings, including the Sigma Zeta national conference.


Prior to graduation, you’ll have diverse opportunities to gain experience, while earning academic credit, through participation in internships with local companies and/or summer research fellowships.


Majors in chemistry are prepared for employment in chemical and biochemical technology upon graduation or for graduate school. The pre-professional track prepares students for professional studies in fields such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry or veterinary science.

Some of the companies that our recent graduates are working for include:

•   American Bottoms

•   Anheuser-Busch

•   Apath LLC

•   Forensic Lab of Missouri State Highway Patrol

•   Sigma-Aldrich Company



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As a transfer to the chemistry program, I only had two years to complete many challenging courses. The faculty and my classmates took the time to help me excel in a field that I love. By researching and learning a variety of topics, I have been well trained and am ready to enter graduate school. Dr. Ozturk has prepared me for future research in computational chemistry through the senior research class I took at McKendree. Although I learned that chemistry is tougher than I once envisioned, it was well worth the extra effort, and I am proud to be a graduate of the chemistry program at McKendree.

~ Neil Berkel '15, Ph.D. Student at Notre Dame University.


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I am very honored to be a McKendree alumni with a Bachelor's in chemistry. Although learning chemistry was challenging at times, it was worth every obstacle to be a part of the close knit McKendree family. Along with a chemistry degree, I gained lifetime friendships with students, faculty, and staff.”

Tara Stacey '14, Production Chemist at Sigma Aldrich Chemical Company.


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I transferred to McKendree in 2010, but I accomplished a lot in the two years I was there by completing Math and Biochemistry minors along with my Chemistry major.  I was encouraged and assisted with applying for a REU scholarship to complete a ten-week intensive summer research internship at Kansas State University in Analytical Biochemistry and that experience is what led me to getting a Ph.D. at that same school. Without the knowledge, experience, and encouragement from the Chemistry department at McKendree University I would not be a Third Year Ph.D student.  One of the most meaningful experiences at McKendree for me was the Practicum in Chemistry that I completed where I was allowed to assist Dr. Ozturk with her General Chemistry students by tutoring and preparing for labs.  The ability to use the knowledge I had gained in the classroom to assist others in their endeavors and to actually have to figure out and prepare laboratory experiments for others to do has helped me so much as a graduate student when I have now taught everything from Chemistry 1 and Analytical Chemistry Labs to Recitation sessions to nine lecture classes of the Chemistry 1 course with over 200 students in each class. McKendree has helped me by preparing me for graduate school in unexpected ways. Due to the small class sizes at McKendree, I was used to interacting closely with the professors and that has helped me to create meaningful and productive relationships with my collaborating professors.”

Kathleen Sellens '12, Ph.D. Student at Kansas State University.


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The academic environment at McKendree has had a direct impact on my career. It was Professor Ozturk that encouraged me to think about Chemistry as a major. The experience I gathered during the project for ‘Senior Research in Chemistry’ led me into the field of computational chemistry.  After graduating from McK, I enrolled at Georgia Tech’s Chemistry graduate program and completed Ph.D. in Computational Materials Chemistry in 2013.”

Laxman Pandey '07, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Georgia Southern University.


Meet the Faculty

Feza OzturkDr. Feza Ozturk

Professor of Chemistry
Voigt Science Hall 218
(618) 537-6935

Myron ReeseDr. Myron Reese

Professor of Chemistry
Voigt Science Hall 207
(618) 537-6814