Environmental Studies

The current diversity and distribution of life on earth is dependent on the unique and highly dynamic environment of our planet. As human impact on the natural world and its resources reaches unprecedented levels, leaders throughout the world seek sustainable solutions. Scientifically sound environmental literacy is now in high demand as the general public becomes inundated with environmental problems such as:

•   Climate change

•   Pollution

•   Water availability

•   Fuel costs

•   Species loss

The Environmental Studies program will provide you with the knowledge to understand and develop informed positions on current environmental problems from a variety of perspectives.

Program Highlights

University Commitment

We are a member of the Illinois Sustainable University Compact. We are committed to attaining environmental goals, including the use of renewable energy, implementing green building practices, developing sustainable transportation options, improving water conservation, and incorporating sustainable dining practices.

Research Opportunities

Students are eligible for the McKendree-Tyson Undergraduate Research Fellowship which allows a student to work closely with faculty to pursue independent environmental research in prairie ecosystems at a local field site.

Local Internships

Our students have a history of working with many institutions, including the St. Louis Zoo and the Environmental Protection Agency.


The Environmental Studies program will prepare you for a number of careers, including those in the areas of environmental science, business, economics, journalism, policy, law, public health, global warming, energy systems, and other interdisciplinary avenues.

As society embraces the green movement, we see more careers that are focused on environmental awareness and concerns. Employers across government, nonprofit, and commercial industries are looking for employees that can implement green technology and focus on environmental planning strategies.

Meet the Faculty

Michele SchutzenhoferDr. Michele R. Schutzenhofer

Associate Professor
Chair of Div. of Science & Mathematics
Voigt Science Hall 217A
(618) 537-6934

Duane OlsonDr. Duane Olson

Carnegie Hall, Room 216
(618) 537-6961