Our marketing curriculum is based on a customer satisfaction model known as the marketing concept. You’ll develop skills in critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and oral and written communication. You’ll also learn to apply marketing theory.

Our cutting edge marketing program is designed to prepare you for a career in the following marketing fields:

•   Personal selling

•   Advertising

•   Marketing research

•   New product planning

•   Marketing management in retail and commercial environments

A minor in Marketing is also available.

Mission Statement

The mission of the marketing major of McKendree University is to prepare students to enter a variety of occupations and professions or to continue their education in a program of graduate study. To this end the major prepares students to receive degrees; it offers majors and provides courses and experiences relevant to current business practices in support of the mission and tradition of McKendree University and the School of Business.


Careers in marketing include personal selling and marketing management in retail and commercial environments, new product planning in manufacturing firms and service providers, and marketing research for large advertisers, research firms, and advertising agencies.

Meet the Faculty

Halimin Herjanto

Halimin Herjanto, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing
907 Royce Street, 2nd Floor
(618) 537-6412

Jean Scheller SampsonJean M. Sampson, D.Mgt.

Associate Professor of Marketing
Piper Academic Center (PAC) 106
(618) 537-6884

Yun-Hee Kim

Yun-Hee Kim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Piper Academic Center (PAC) 105
(618) 537-6939