Math Professor Wins UMC Award

Dr. Alan AlewineDr. J. Alan Alewine sat onstage with other faculty members during the Honors Convocation when the provost began to hint about the winner of the United Methodist Church Board of Higher Education Exemplary Teacher Award.

“This faculty member is an outstanding teacher who is passionate about teaching and even more passionate about student learning,” Dr. Christine Bahr announced. “His students say he makes learning fun.” When the provost mentioned the awardee has taught at McKendree since 2002, the mathematics professor realized he was about to be called to the podium.

The UMC Award is presented annually for excellence in teaching, concern for students and colleagues, commitment to values-centered education and service beyond the classroom. It is the third jewel in Alan’s triple crown of faculty honors; he won the Grandy Award in 2009 and the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008.

He chaired the division of science and mathematics until July 1, when he took on a new role as associate dean for curriculum in addition to teaching.