Why an MBA from McKendree University?

McKendree challenges you to think differently. McKendree’s MBA program combines academic excellence with the flexibility and convenience needed by working adults. Through experienced-based curriculum, students build strong general management and leadership skills, laying the foundation for a lifelong impact on how they lead.

Students graduate from McKendree, not only with the foundational knowledge necessary but with practice in how to make difficult decisions and what it means to assume leadership in today’s global business world.



Expand Your Thinking

During your time at McKendree, your journey may take you to unexpected places. You will discover new people, opportunities, and passions, while our faculty and curriculum challenges your notions of what’s possible.



Think Critically and Creatively

Innovative ideas come from critical and creative thinkers. In this world of business uncertainty, you can no longer look to the past to prepare for the future. While enrolled in McKendree’s MBA program you will experience rigorous courses that will help sharpen your management instincts, help you design and prototype solutions, to help you bring value to your chosen organizations.



Lead from the Front

McKendree’s MBA program will help develop you into that next generation leader. One who is:

Competent—Leaders must channel their energies towards those arenas of leadership in which they are most likely to excel.

Courageous—The leader of an organization is not always the smartest or most creative, or the first to identify a problem. The leader is the one who has the courage to act, to move forward.

Clear—Uncertain times requires clear directives from those in leadership. A next generation leader must learn to be clear even when he or she is not certain.

Full of Character and Integrity—You can lead without character or integrity, but you won’t be a leader worth following. Character provides you with the moral authority necessary to bring together the people and resources needed to further the organization. While integrity means doing what you say you are going to do even when there is no one watching.



Define Your Future

You have the power to change the future, including yours. The biggest challenges require great minds across disciplines to unite in developing innovative solutions.

We believe that you can help change lives and organizations. During your time at McKendree, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to act courageously and inspire action.



Meet the MBA Director

Photo of Timothy Ros, Ed.D.Timothy Ros, Ed.D.

MBA Director
Assistant Professor
Piper Academic Center (PAC) 100
(618) 537-6403