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MBA Online

The McKendree MBA and MBA-Human Resource Management Concentration programs focus on integrated learning experiences which allow students to develop problem solving and team building skills in an environment where they can learn from both the faculty and each other. These programs are designed for students who desire a broad understanding of business operations without concentrating their studies in a particular field. All MBA and HRM courses incorporate individual and group work and written assignments.

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Course of Study

The course work component of the MBA presents a balance of theory and application that focuses on situation analysis, problem solving, teamwork, and communication. The MBA curriculum was designed with the assumption that graduate students would enter the program with an undergraduate degree in business from a regionally accredited college or university. Students who have not studied business previously are welcome in this program. A set of courses specifically designed to provide the necessary foundation of business knowledge should enable non-business students to complete the MBA curriculum successfully.



Class Format

The online courses are held over an eight week time period. Students can take one MBA course in an eight week session. Students will complete assignments on their own with certain fixed deadlines.




The MBA program is accredited by the International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).



Transfer Credit

Following matriculation, students are expected to do their course work at McKendree. However, prior to matriculation, up to 12 credits from another accredited institution may be applied toward completion of the requirements for the MBA degree at McKendree. All transfer courses are evaluated by the Director of the MBA Program.



Online MBA Curriculum

The Master of Business Administration curriculum consists of 12 courses that provide students with knowledge and skills essential for success in the modern business world. The program combines theoretical knowledge with analytical, problem-solving, leadership, and communication skills applied to specific topics. The content of the MBA curriculum focuses on observation and analysis of business problems as exemplified in case studies and problem-solving analysis. To successfully complete the program, students must apply quantitative and qualitative decision tools, effective human relation skills, strong leadership abilities, and effective communication skills.

MBA 621 - Accounting for Managers - 3 credits

MBA 622 - Economics of the Firm - 3 credits

MBA 623 - Business Research Methods and Applications - 3 credits

MBA 625 - Legal Issues for Managers - 3 credits

MBA 631 - Corporate Finance - 3 credits

MBA 632 - Investments and Financial Markets - 3 credits

MBA 642 - Customers and Competitive Advantage - 3 credits

MBA 644 - Business to Business - 3 credits

MBA 651 - Global Organizations and Management - 3 credits

MBA 652 - Organizational Behavior - 3 credits

MBA 653 - Stakeholder Management and Ethics - 3 credits

MBA 661 - Corporate Strategy and Leadership - 3 credits

Total Credits: 36


· Courses are grounded in practical and applicable skills, tools and knowledge.

· Courses involve cases, problems, simulations, projects and the like.

· Courses integrate entrepreneurial and small business themes where appropriate.

· Class sessions will revolve around independent work and extensive discussions.

· Most courses will have a substantial final examination.

Additional curriculum information can be found in the graduate catalog.



MBA - Human Resource Management Concentration

A Human Resource Management Concentration is offered to all MBA applicants attending any location or online. Students may choose to take MBA courses in the classroom or online format. HRM Concentration courses are offered in the online format or at our Kentucky campus.

The admission process for MBA with Human Resource Management Concentration is the same as the general MBA. The MBA application offers an option to choose the HRM Concentration within the application.

For more information: MBA - Human Resource Management Concentration



Foundations of Business Knowledge

Students who have not completed undergraduate course work in accounting, marketing/management, microeconomics and statistics may acquire the necessary knowledge as part of their MBA studies at McKendree. A set of four foundation courses provide students with broad introductory knowledge in key subject areas of business:

MBA 501 Foundations of Accounting and Finance

MBA 502 Economics for Managers

MBA 503 Marketing and Management Concepts

MBA 504 Quantitative and Statistical Tools

While there may be some overlap of these foundation courses and the courses of the graduate curriculum, these requirements must be satisfied before the student begins his/her third course in the MBA curriculum. Students will be evaluated at the time of admission to determine if foundation courses are required. The 500 level foundation courses are offered in the online format. Students will be advised to take the courses as they are offered. Typically, each foundation course is offered once a year.

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