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Photo of Teacher in classroomMcKendree University must meet the requirements issued by the Illinois State Board of Education and the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board, their requirements take precedence over the catalog of record for individuals seeking teacher and administrative licensure.

Reading Teacher (Graduate)  

Special Education (Graduate)

Endorsement – Reading Teacher

Photo of Teacher in classroomThe Reading Teacher endorsement is required for any teacher responsible for teaching reading to students as the primary teaching responsibility. Any teacher who teaches reading other than a self contained classroom must have this endorsement or all the requirements for the endorsement effective 7/1/04. The endorsement can be added to an early childhood, elementary, secondary or special (K-12) licensure either at time of entitlement with an initial endorsement in another teaching field, or as an added endorsement. The requirements include submission of a passing score on either the reading specialist or reading teacher content area test as required by the State of Illinois and completion of a minimum of 18 semester hours in reading including a practicum experience, in the following six areas:

· Foundations of reading

· Content area reading

· Assessment and diagnosis of reading problems

· Developmental and remedial reading instruction and support

· Developmental and remedial materials and resources

· Literature appropriate to students across all grade levels

The Reading Teacher endorsement may be granted only within the grade range of the license held.

The Illinois State Board of Education gives the guidelines for Reading Teacher Endorsement: To determine which courses are needed for a Reading Teacher Endorsement, please visit the Illinois State Board of Education website ( After you receive your evaluation please contact the McKendree Office of Graduate Admission and they can inform you which courses fulfill the requirements.

For more information contact: Sabrina Storner, Director of Graduate Admission at (618) 537-6477or by email at

Program Features

· Experience instruction that builds on sound theory, practical application, and a strong philosophy about the importance of teaching, learning, and school improvement.

· Work with an outstanding university faculty and exemplary leaders in the field.

· Earn the reputation of being one of the highly respected and best educators in the region.

· Earn your degree from a nationally accredited School of Education.

· Enjoy small classes, collegial relationships, and a caring and committed faculty.

· A campus and cohort designed to build networking capabilities for the future.

· Dynamic campus and cohort designed to provide continuity and colleague support.

Proposed Course of Study – Reading Teacher

EDU 429/529 - Children’s Literature (3 Credits)

EDU 430/530 - Early Literacy (3 Credits)

EDU 435/535 - Methods of Teaching Content Area Reading (Elementary) (3 Credits)

EDR 515 - Adolescent Reading & Writing in the Content Area (3 Credits)

EDR 621 - Classroom Diagnostic Techniques & Testing Procedures for the Teaching of Reading (3 Credits)

EDR 623 - Strategies & Interventions to Assist Struggling Readers (3 Credits)

EDR 697 - Practicum in Reading (3 Credits)


To obtain the Reading Teacher Endorsement, you must earn a passing score on the Reading Teacher Content Area Test, as required by the State of Illinois, and complete a minimum of 18 semester hours in the following areas:

* These courses may have been completed as part of your undergraduate degree program. 


Endorsement – Special Education

Photo of special education teacherThe Special Education Endorsement is designed for licensed teachers who would like to begin working in the Special Education field. Students will be required to complete field experience hours as indicated by course descriptions.

In order to receive an endorsement in special Education, the following must be met:

1. Current Illinois Professional Educator License

2. Passing scores on the required state exams

3. Completion of any deficiencies in coursework

4. Completion of the following sequence of courses

Course Descriptions

SPE 405 or SPE 505 Instruction of Diverse Learners (3 hours)

This course focuses on the learning needs of students as they differ from the norm in physical, emotional, cognitive, cultural, or social characteristics. Primary emphasis is placed on methods and strategies for working with students across various disability categories and meeting the needs of these learners through differentiated instruction in the least restrictive environment.

SPE 690 Characteristics of Students with Disabilities (3 hours)

The study of cognitive, motor, behavioral, and physical development as well as etiologies and medical conditions. Candidates will have experiences with students with disabilities regarding their characteristics, adaptive equipment, assistive technology, community integration and vocational options.

SPE 492 or SPE 592 Assessment and Progress Monitoring in Special Education (3 hours)

The understanding of nondiscriminatory evaluation in identification and eligibility for special education services, and strategies and materials for teaching students with disabilities. A focus on academic and social aspects of learning will be addressed in a variety of classroom settings across the curriculum. 

SPE 594 Methods of Teaching Students with Disabilities (3 hours)

The examination and implementation of research-based effective strategies and materials for teaching students with disabilities in the areas of academic, social and vocational function, with emphasis on transfer and generalization in inclusive settings, including physical and academic prompts and adaptations. Focus on IEP development, responsive to Illinois Learning Standards and indicative of assessments including Illinois Alternative Assessment.