Photo of Dr. Schutzenhoffer and Students in front of Greenhouse


Start looking to gain valuable experience early in your undergraduate career. These experiences will not only help you develop important skills, both technical and interpersonal, but will provide you with networking opportunities in your field of interest.

Within McKendree

· Dr. VanPutte is looking for research assistants to participate in his ongoing research program. He is investigating how algae can be used to produce biofuel.

· Dr. Schutzenhofer awards the McKendree – Tyson Research Center Undergraduate Fellowship to one student each summer. Students are paid a stipend and work 40hr weeks during the month of June and are expected to conduct an independent research project within the field of Invasion Ecology. The 2010 Fellowship has been awarded. Contact Dr. Schutzenhofer for more details and watch the newsletter for updates.

· Students are encouraged to speak with faculty if interested in pursuing research through an independent study course. Previous students have completed research in small mammal movement, conservation education, and entomological curation.

Other Opportunities
(courses, field work, internships, fellowships)

· REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) program sponsored by National Science Foundation

· National Institutes of Health (NIH)

· Organization of Biological Field Stations

· Reis Biological Station

· Organization of Tropical Studies in Costa Rica

· Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

· National Cancer Institute’s Integrative Cancer Biology Program

· Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships

· Environmental Protection Agency

· Many other opportunities are available locally – please speak with Career Services or a faculty member

· Many other opportunities are available at a national level – you may wish to search specific institutions, biological stations (for field-based coursework), or contact individual faculty members whose research corresponds with your interests

* Please keep in mind that many of these opportunities will require letters of recommendations. Be sure that if you are interested in a faculty member preparing a letter for you that you:

o Contact them well ahead of the deadline.

o Inform them of the deadline and how the letter is to be submitted.

o Provide them with the address and person of contact.

o Provide them with a recent copy of your resume.

o Speak with them regarding why you want the position, your career goals, and why you think you would be good fit for the position.