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Audition Based Scholarship Opportunities

  • McKendree University Visual and Performing Arts Division: $3,000 awarded annually for participation in an academic music ensemble such as Concert Band, Concert Choir, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, or Dance Ensemble

  • State Music Educators Association Achievement Award: ILMEA and MMEA instrumentalists of at least the District level are eligible to receive the maximum award of $5,000 for participation. This award is applicable towards students from all states providing they have achieved this status their senior year of high school

All 3 types awards are eligible to stack on top of academic awards, but none of them will stack together. Maximum awards when paired with academic awards can be as high as $18,000!

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Available Music Degrees

The Department of Music at McKendree offers the following undergraduate degrees:

Bachelor in Music Education

BA in Music, with the option to complete an emphasis in:

Classical Performance

Jazz Performance

Interdisciplinary degree in Music Marketing

McKendree also offers a traditional music minor.  All intended music majors or minors MUST audition for program entry.

For more information about your area of interest, contact one of the following professors:


Photo of Nancy Ypma, D.Mus.Nancy Ypma, D.Mus.

Chair of the Division of Visual & Performing Arts
Professor of Music
Hettenhausen Center for the Arts
(618) 537-6922 

Photo of Jennifer Moder-Bell, Ph.D.Jennifer Moder-Bell, IPhD

Associate Professor of Music Education
Director of Concert Band & Wind Ensemble
Hettenhausen Center for the Arts 1092
(618) 537-6428



Full List of Music Department Faculty & Staff