Previously in the Gallery

Summer 2017

joannmurray small

Spring 2017

dolled up

small faculty hubris poster


Fall 2016

Fall16 All student show poster

BFife Senior

Labyrinth: Kaplan

Spring 2016

Third Annual Get Out! Paint Out!


Bricolage: works by Herm Griesbach


All Student Show


Kaz McCue: Anger Management

February 23 - April 10

kaz poster: anger management


Gloria Anderson: Bare Tree Forest

January 14 - February 14

gloria anderson


Fall 2015

All Student Show FALL 2015

yuri poster Fall 2015 Student Show

poster design by Art student, Yuri Horiguchi


Summer 2015

Thirty-five artists, 75 works of art!


Beautiful and provocative art made by your friends and neighbors!


Spring Semester 2015

Lindsey Mathenia Senior Show

Funkernaut Past Sp 2015

bradfield small poster



All Studen SP15

Sasha Krasutskaya On Russian Soul

Fall Semester 2014

All Student Show FALL 2014

Then and Now FA 14

Submerge and Surface 2-14

Summer 2014

Get Out! Paint Out! poster


Senior Show, Spring Semester 2014

senior show poster



all student show sp 14 poster


BDSmith poster


5 pairs of eyes: photo invitational poster

Notes on a River poster

Fall Semester 2013

fall student show poster 2013

Carla Schwartz poster




Summer 2013




Spring Semester 2013

Senior Show Poster by Megan Pea 2013

All Student Show poster 2013

Marsha Brasel Poster

thumbnail exceptional art



Fall Semester 2012

Student Show Fall 2012 Poster


Faculty Show Fall 2012 Postcard