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McKendree University is a nationally ranked, private university offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in the St. Louis region, Southern Illinois and online. As a Bearcat, you’ll join a vibrant community, make valuable connections, and serve others in the world around you. You’ll develop strong leadership skills, learn from expert faculty, and attain the personalized education you deserve.

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Centennial Gate

Positioned to Thrive

McKendree Marches Toward its Bicentennial with Great Successes

Now more than ever, it’s a great day – a great time, even – to be a Bearcat. As universities throughout the nation struggle to stay afloat and remain relevant in today’s ever-shifting educational landscape, McKendree University stands steadfast and ready to serve its students now and in the future..

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Cool Flex

McKendree's Flexible Seating Room is a True Gift for Campus Community

Visit the bustling halls of the Piper Academic Center on campus and you’ll encounter similar setups of the classrooms within: long tables dotted with black chairs or desks perfectly lined facing Smart Boards at the head of the room. As you wander down the first floor, peer into room number 114 and you’ll see something a little different.

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Finding Success through the Paraprofessional+ Pathway Program

When Elizabeth Eubanks was looking for a program to help her become a full-fledged teacher, she hoped she would find something that gave her the opportunity to continue her work as a paraprofessional while she student-taught. Enter the Paraprofessional+ program at McKendree.



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