CAB Coordinator and Street Crew Descriptions



  • Must be a full-time, traditional, undergrad student enrolled at McKendree University.
  • Previous experience in Campus Activities Board preferred, but not required.
  • Sophomore status preferred; however all are encouraged to apply.
  • Must have at least a 2.25 cumulative grade point average at time of application.
  • Must maintain at least a 2.25 cumulative grade point average during employment.
  • This is a paid position and due to the significant amount of time required, Student Coordinators may not hold another major leadership role (i.e. RA, president, vice-president, etc.) or paid on-campus position during the year in which you are selected to serve.       Off-campus employment is discouraged, but will be considered on a case by case basis. We want to make sure that all commitments to our position are able to be managed without conflict. Permission may be granted on case by case basis after consult with the Director of Campus Activities. If you have a concern regarding potential conflicts, please seek clarification in your interview or by talking with the Director of Campus Activities.


Maintain availability for the following events:

Summer/Fall 2018 Semester

    • Programming Board Institute (Xavier University) – May 31-June 3**
    • Executive Board Training/Scheduling Retreat - August 13-16
    • New Student Orientation –August 23-26
    • Full Staff Training Retreat – August 26 (tentative)
    • Involvement Fair – August 28
    • Homecoming Week – October 21-28 (exact events TBA)
    • Fall Family Weekend – (exact events and dates TBA)
    • Spring Schedule Preparation – October 19-20
    • NACA Mid-America Regional Conference – October 25-28 (Grand Rapids, MI)**
    • Spring Schedule Finalization Deadline: November 17-18

 Spring 2019 Semester

    • CAB Spring Semester Preparation (January 10-12, 2019)
    • McKendree Scholarship Events (Dates to be determined)
    • Summit on Leadership Development - (February 2019 tentative)
    • NACA National Convention in Columbus, OH (February 16-20, 2019)**
    • McKendree Idol (March 28, 2019 tentative)
    • Fall Schedule Preparation (April/May)
    • Spring Fling (April 26-27, 2019 tentative)

 *Please note that some dates may change. In that event, sufficient notice will be given.

**Institutes are training opportunities hosted by our national organization.  Registration fees are covered by the Office of Campus Activities.  All staff will not be required to attend.



All candidates who meet eligibility requirements (2.25 minimum cumulative GPA, full-time student at McKendree, at least sophomore status for the upcoming semester) are required to submit an application and interview for the desired position. It is the candidate’s responsibility to make him/herself available for an interview and submit all material in the application. After review of materials, selected candidates will be permitted to continue through the selection process. Our current selection process consists of:

  • Complete Online Application
  • Sign Up for Individual Interview
  • Receive Notice of Response
  • Submit signed contract or agreement if offered a position



CAB Coordinators are compensated for their work, leadership, and commitment as a staff member.

Federal Work study is preferred, however it is not required that staff members have Federal Work Study. As employees, students will be bound by McKendree student work guidelines and policies as well as those established by the Office of Campus Activities.


The Office of Campus Activities may dock pay, place a staff member on probation, or terminate employment under the following circumstances:

  • Failure of a staff member to carry out responsibilities and/or terms and conditions of his/her employment.
  • On-campus or off-campus conduct deemed inappropriate for a campus staff member, which includes violations of Residence Life or the Campus Judicial Policies and Regulations Document, and/or other McKendree University policies.


CAB Coordinator positions offer students an amazing experience and opportunity to network with a variety of individuals, enhance their leadership skills, and add to the life of our campus. Many positions may fit within certain majors offered at McKendree and allow the successful applicant the opportunity to gain experience and build and incredible résumé! Student Director positions may also be taken as internship credit. Please contact the Director of Campus Activities for more information on this option.



  • Attend all events scheduled by your committee.
  • Maintain availability for traditional events (ie. Fall Family Weekend, Homecoming, McKendree Idol, Spring Fling, etc.)
  • Assist in distributing marketing materials around campus and community
  • Assist in event logistics (set-up, execution, tear down); specific duties will be determined at meeting prior to event
  • Serve a minimum of 4 hours per week in the Campus Activities Office to be scheduled on different days during the week. Coordinators are also required to serve in the Lair Equipment Desk rotation schedule.  Additional hours shall be made from assistance with staff events and activities.
  • Attend staff trainings, retreats, conferences, and other functions as assigned.



  • Work closely with fellow Coordinators, other Campus Activities Office Staff, Graduate Assistants, and the Director of Campus Activities, to plan, promote, implement, and assess the programs for their area.
  • Act as a facilitator, role model, and be dedicated to providing positive leadership to the entire staff. In fulfilling his or her duties, the Coordinator should seek to fulfill the mission of the Campus Activities Board and the Office of Campus Activities by cultivating a team-oriented atmosphere and demonstrating commitment to the success of student life at McKendree
  • Maintain a responsible and professional image. Effective communication with staff, various University offices, student organizations, and community resources is essential. Conduct all business, communication, correspondence, and negotiation in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Answer all staff communication within a timely manner (24-36 hours)
  • Meet all deadlines as specified.
  • Coordinators will assist with the selection and training of new staff.
  • Follow the student conduct guidelines listed in the Student Handbook as well as the member policies and regulations set forth by the Office of Campus Activities. Members are considered representatives of CAB and McKendree University at all times.
  • Successfully balance the time commitment CAB requires with class work and other activities.
  • All other duties as assigned.




The Marketing and Graphics Coordinators oversee the promotion and publicity for the Campus Activities Office's events by serving as the main liaisons to campus media outlets, including the McKendree Review, McKendree Radio, and the University Communications Office. They will conduct research and assessment of the Campus Activities Board and its programs through data analysis, survey design, and focus groups. Coordinators will maintain CAB’s visibility by planning direct, face-to-face marketing events as well as serving as administrators for our various social media accounts. Creativity, good time management, and planning skills are a must for this position as promotions should be planned from a long-term perspective that allows for adequate advance publicity.

The Marketing and Graphics Coordinators are additionally responsible for the production of promotion and publicity materials; developing ads, flyers, displays, posters, murals, shirt designs, and other printed or digital media to be used for promoting Office of Campus Activities event. Creativity, along with an art or design background with computer skills is essential to produce high quality, professional looking images.



(Minimum requirements: 1 Music event per month; 1 Comedy event per month; Homecoming Programming)

The Live Entertainment Coordinator works with agents and promoters to book live talent that appeals to the student population. This position is responsible for constantly researching current music and comedy trends locally, regionally, and nationally to bring McKendree the very best in entertainment. Typical programming may consist of our Laughter at Half After Comedy Series, coffeehouse acoustic-type music shows featuring indie, local, or student performers, to larger, full concerts held in the Quad, The Hett, or other venues. The Live Entertainment Coordinator also plans the Bearcat Week Homecoming Talent Show and the Bearcat Week Dance Party.



(Minimum requirements: 2 travel events per month; Homecoming Programming)

The Excursions Coordinator plans local area events or regional trips that appeal to on campus students as well as non-traditional students or those that are commuters. Many of the events may be free or at a discounted rate, including tickets to Fine Arts or sporting events. Popular programs include: Target Tuesday or Walmart Wednesday, St. Louis Zoo, City Museum, and many others. Some events may also include transportation, which allows students who do not have cars the ability to go off campus and have fun. The Excursions Coordinator also plans the Bearcat Week Homecoming Scavenger Hunt and the Where’s Bogey? activity.



(Minimum requirements: 1 Issue-based event per month; 1 Culture Event per month; Homecoming Programming)

Issues and Culture programming can be serious, fun, educational, or a bit of all three! This coordinator strives to provide forums, lectures, and talks on a variety of issues and topics that challenge students' thinking. It may also focus on activities for and about other cultures, minority groups, or underrepresented populations. Our goal is to bring awareness to pressing issues on campus, locally, nationally, and internationally to expand students’ knowledge beyond the classroom. The Issues and Culture Coordinator plans the Bearcat Week Homecoming Trivia Night and Purple/White Day events.



(Minimum requirements: 1 daytime event per month; 1 late night event per month; Homecoming Programming)

This coordinator plans a number of home-grown, low-budget activities that may involve food, creativity, and fun! Most events are held on Wednesdays (Wild Wednesday) and Fridays (NACHOAVERAGEFRIDAY) and may be afternoon or late-night events. This position also actively works with other campus groups and local businesses to provide collaborative entertainment. Past programming has included: Caricature Artists, Massage Therapists, I Hate Valentine’s Day Party, Fruit Kabobs, Tie Dyed Iguana, Spring Semester Welcome, and others. This coordinator also plans a number of other events like Survival Bingo, Minute to Win It, and other gameshows. The Variety Events Coordinator plans the Bearcat Week Homecoming Trade-Up/Sing for a Shirt and Chili Cook-Off events.



(Minimum requirements: 1 scheduled event per major sport; Traditional events Programming)


We're all about tradition and plan some of the larger events that are available to McKendree students, faculty, staff, their families, and the Lebanon community. These are generally events that have been longstanding and unite tradition with memorable moments. The following events are the primary focus of the committee: Fall Family Weekend, Homecoming Week (overall coordination, Relay Games, Royalty Court, and Parade), Finals Week Stress Fest (fall and spring), McKendree Idol, Spring Fling. 

The Coordinators are also responsible for planning crazy, fun, events related to McKendree spirit.  Our goal is to promote activities and enthusiasm that will lead to involvement and commitment at athletic events.  Events may include: student tailgate parties, special giveaways, away game viewing parties, and other sports-related activities! 




The Campus Activities Board (CAB) Street Crew is made up of people just like you who want to get involved but may not be ready for a leadership position. All registered, full-time undergraduate students at McKendree University are eligible for membership in CAB as a Street Crew member. The more diverse our membership is, the better opportunity we have to present the kinds of programming our students love. Collectively, Street Crew members are the backbone of our staff working behind the scenes to make our events happen. They assist with the brainstorming and creative process of planning and promoting events and activities that our whole student body can enjoy. Being a Street Crew member is a great way to get involved, gain leadership experience, and have a great time planning events and meeting new and fun people.

Street Crew positions are limited for the academic year and may be Federal Work Study or volunteer. Selected applicants will be required to complete a brief interview before being selected.  Additional information can be found on the CAB FAQ page or on the Street Crew Application.