CAB Coordinator and Street Crew Descriptions



  • Must be a full-time, traditional, undergrad student enrolled at McKendree University.
  • Must have at least a 2.25 cumulative grade point average at time of application.
  • Must maintain at least a 2.25 cumulative grade point average during employment.
  • Must be available for the following events:
    • Must be available for the following events:
        • NACA Huge Leadership Weekend - May 29-June1, 2014 at John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels, TX (limited number of staff selected, some travel expense incurred)
        • NACA Programming Basics Institute - June 5-8, 2014 at Washington University, St. Louis, MO (limited number of staff selected, some travel expense incurred)
        • Executive Board Summer Retreat (July 25-27 tentative)
        • Executive Board Returns –August 15, 2014 (tentative)
        • New Student Orientation –August 20-23, 2014
        • Involvement Fair September 4 (tentative), 2014
        • Full Staff Training Retreat - Sept. 6-7, 2014 (tentative)
        • Fall Family Weekend -Sept. 26-28, 2014
        • Homecoming Week -Oct. 19-25, 2014
        • NACA Mid-America Regional Conference -Nov. 6-9, 2014
        • Spring Semester Training -January 9-11, 2015
        • Summit on Leadership Development Conference (SOLD) – February 7, 2015
        • NACA National Convention, Minneapolis, MN -February 14-18, 2015 (limited number of staff selected)
        • Spring Fling -April 25, 2015
        • Leadership and Service Awards Banquet -April 2015 (Date TBA)
        • McKendree Idol - April 2015 (Date TBA)

*Please note that some dates may change. In that event, sufficient notice will be given.



All candidates who meet eligibility requirements (2.25 minimum cumulative GPA, full-time student at McKendree, at least second semester freshman) are required to submit an application and interview for the desired position. It is the candidate’s responsibility to make him/herself available for an interview and submit all material in the application. After review of materials, selected candidates will be offered an individual interview. The individual interview is the final process of the process.



CAB Program Coordinators are compensated for their work, leadership, and commitment as a staff member. 

It is not required that staff members have Federal Work Study.  A monthly stipend of up to $125 may be awarded as determined by budget. Stipend payment would come at the end of each month and will be prorated at 1/2 stipend for short term months (August, December, and May).  As employees, students will be bound by McKendree student work guidelines and policies as well as those established by the Office of Campus Activities.  Coordinator positions may also be taken as internship credit. Please contact the Director of Campus Activities for more information on this option.




  • Program Coordinators may not hold another major leadership position (i.e. president, vice-president, treasurer, etc.) or paid (on/off campus) position during the year in which you are selected to serve, unless it has been discussed with and approved by the Director of Campus Activities. Executive Board positions within the Campus Activities Board require a significant time commitment and we want to make sure that all commitments are able to be managed without difficulty. If you have a concern regarding an upcoming position, please seek clarification in your interview or by talking with the Director of Campus Activities.
  • Program Coordinators work closely with the Student Director of Programming and the Director of Campus Activities to plan, promote, implement, and assess the programs for their assigned committee.
  • Attend all events scheduled by your committee or designate a committee member or other Program Coordinator with the Director of Campus Activities' approval.
  • Act as a facilitator, role model, and be dedicated to assisting the staff in providing positive leadership to the entire staff.  In fulfilling his or her duties, the Program Coordinator should seek to fulfill the mission of the Campus Activities Board and the Office of Campus Activities by cultivating a team-oriented atmosphere and demonstrating commitment to the success of student life at McKendree.
  • Program Coordinators are required to serve a minimum of 4 hours per week in the Campus Activities Office to be scheduled on different days during the week.  Additional hours shall be made from assistance with programs and activities. 
  • Coordinators will chair one CAB Committee and hold meetings as needed and appropriate. Attendance should be taken and submitted to the Director of Membership within 2 days of that meeting.
  • Program Coordinators are expected to maintain a responsible and professional image. Effective communication with your committee, various University offices, student organizations, and community resources is essential. Conduct all business, communication, correspondence, and negotiation in a professional and ethical manner. 
  • Attend staff trainings, retreats, and other functions as assigned.
  • Answer all communication from the Student Directors, Program Coordinators, Director of Campus Activities, and other CAB members within a timely manner (24-36 hours)
  • Meet all deadlines as set by the Student Directors and Director of Campus Activities.
  • Staff members are also expected to follow the student conduct guidelines listed in the Student Handbook as well as the member policies and regulations set forth by the Office of Campus Activities. Members are considered representatives of CAB and McKendree University at all times.
  • Successfully balance the significant time commitment CAB requires with class work and other activities.
  • All other duties as assigned. 






The Marketing/PR Coordinator oversees the marketing and publicity for the Campus Activities Board and CAB events by working closely with committee members, other programming coordinators, and the Student Directors. Creativity, good time management, and planning skills are a must for this position as advertising should be planned from a long-term perspective that allows for adequate advance publicity.    This position is one of the best portfolio-building jobs offered to students at McKendree University.  It allows for plenty of creativity and is highly recommended for Public Relations or Marketing majors.

The coordinator is responsible for effectively using the membership and staff artists to ensure that CAB and our programs are promoted as completely as possible. Making use of new and innovative ideas including posters, flyers, banners, sidewalk chalk, campus email, promotional materials/giveaways (including the CAB Card program), social networking websites, etc., are expected.



  • Oversees social media efforts and runs social media events and contests.
  • Content editor on the CAB website
  • Conduct an ongoing assessment of the Campus Activities Board, it's programs, and determine long range plans.
  • Designs or oversees the designing/printing/distribution of posters and other literature
  • Seek partnerships with other campus groups
  • Makes or oversees the making of promotional or event videos
  • Makes or oversees the making of ads, press releases, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Campus Activities



The Live Entertainment Committee is responsible for providing a diverse selection of live performance events consisting of the musical and comedic variety. Typical music programming may consist of our coffeehouse show featuring indie, local, or student performers.  Musical guests may also range from regional talent to nationally recognized touring performers. The Laughter at Half After Comedy Series! Live Entertainment showcases some of today’s leading college-based, nationally touring comedians.

Events may occur in The Lair, The Lair Pit, Ames Patio or Quad. Larger events may occur at The Hett or Statham Gymnasium. The committee also acquires tickets to St. Louis area concerts periodically and offers them at a discount to our students.




The Off Campus Program committee coordinates local area events or trips that appeal to on campus students as well as non-traditional students or those that are commuters. Many of the events may be free or at a discounted rate. Some may also include transportation, which allows students who do not have cars the ability to go off campus and have fun. Past events have included:

  • Discounted tickets to shows at the Fox Theater
  • Cardinals and Blues games
  • Trips to the St. Louis Zoo
  • A day trip to Memphis, TN to see the Civil Rights Museum, Graceland, Beale St., and BBQ
  • St. Louis Shopping Trip and Cheeseology
  • Skating and Steinberg Ice Rink
  • …and many more!

This is a fun position which allows you to be tour guide and visit a ton of awesome places!



This coordinator is responsible for planning and executing a number of home –grown, low-budget activities that take place over the noon hour and late night and weekend alternative events. This position actively works with other campus groups (RSOs, Residence Life, etc) and local businesses to provide collaborative entertainment.

Examples of afternoon activities: Poster Sales, Decorate your own Photo Frame, Make Your Own Mardi Grad Mask, Smoothie Hour and Chair Massages, Caricature Artists, Tie Dye, Pimp Your Mug, Tie-Dyed Iguana Reptiles, and others! In many cases, these events include free food, like Brat-tober Fest.

Late night events have included:  Bingo or other game-show types, a monthly weekend movie night featuring free snacks and door prizes, novelty acts, and other entertainment. Generally, these events will begin after 7pm.  Event ideas would include:  Pajama Party, Glow Dance Party, Open Mic Night, I Hate Valentine's Day Party, St. Patty's Day Party, and others!


Engaging Issues programming can be serious, fun, educational, or a bit of all three! This position strives to provide forums, lectures, and talks on a variety of issues and topics that challenge students' thinking and bring awareness to pressing issues on campus, locally, nationally, and internationally. Current programming includes the “Teach Me” series and the Food for Thought series. Teach Me is an hour long workshop instructing on various skills. Past topics have included country line dancing, watercolor painting, and others. Food for Thought provides an opportunity for dinner and dialogue with campus or community figures in a small group setting.  Speakers have included:  David Coleman - The Dating Doctor, Michael Miller, Jeff Havens' How to Get Fired, Sundown Towns - A Hidden Dimension of American Racism by Dr. James Loewen, and others. 



The coordinators of the Team Bogey committee are responsible for planning crazy, fun, events related to McKendree spirit.  Our goal is to promote activities and enthusiasm that will lead to involvement and commitment at athletic events.  Events may include: student tailgate parties, special giveaways, away game viewing parties, and other sports-related activities!  This committee is also responsible for maintaining the membership and organization of McKendree's student cheering section, known as "The Purple Pit".      



We're all about tradition and plan some of the larger events that are available to McKendree students, faculty, staff, their families, and the Lebanon community.  These are generally events that have been longstanding and unite tradition with memorable moments.  This committee includes all Program Coordinators and a number of CAB Street Crew members.  The following events are planned:  Bearcat Week, Fall Family Weekend, Homecoming, Finals Week Stress Fest, Spring Welcome Back Weekend, McKendree Idol, and Spring Fling.



The Campus Activities Board (CAB) Street Crew is made up of people just like you who want to get involved but may not be ready for a leadership position. All registered, full-time undergraduate students at McKendree University are eligible for membership in CAB as a Street Crew member. The more diverse our membership is, the better opportunity we have to present the kinds of programming our students love. Collectively, Street Crew members are the backbone of our staff working behind the scenes to make our events happen. They assist with the brainstorming and creative process of planning and promoting events and activities that our whole student body can enjoy. Being a Street Crew member is a great way to get involved, gain leadership experience, and have a great time planning events and meeting new and fun people.

Street Crew positions are limited for the academic year.  Selected applicants will be required to complete a brief interview before being selected and placed on a committee.


To be considered an active Street Crew member…


  • Be enrolled full-time at McKendree, remain in good academic and judicial standing
  • Attend two meetings and work two events to become an active member and start earning incentives.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings. Meetings are currently held on Mondays at 4:00pm each semester.  If necessary, special meetings may be called by the Director of Campus Activities or the Student Directors.
  • Follow the student conduct guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook as well as the member policies and regulations set forth by the Campus Activities Board.
  • Be an active participant within the Campus Activities Board!  Assist with your committee and help with our traditional events (Involvement Fair, Fall Family Weekend, Homecoming, McKendree Idol, Spring Fling, etc.)