Request a Room

Welcome to the McKendree University room scheduling site!  To request a classroom, please click on the link below, which will take you to Virtual EMS, where you will be able to select, request, and immediately book any available standard classroom on the Lebanon campus.  You may request use of a computer lab, but those must be approved by Records Office personnel.

Classroom Request


STUDENTS:  Click here to read instructions on how to use the system.

FACULY & STAFF:  Click here to read instructions on how to use the system.

You may now request all classrooms and meeting rooms using Virtual EMS.


If you need catering or room setup, please make your reservation here and then contact Mr.Tom Jensen at 618-537-6959.


All computer labs require approval, so you may request them but they will not be confirmed until a member of the Records Office staff (PAC and VOS labs) or Rebecca Schreiner (Digital Media Lab) approves your request.  Please do not request use of HLM 105 (Digital Media Lab) unless no other computer lab is available. 


PLEASE NOTE:  You should NOT use Virtual EMS to request or schedule class sections for the entire semester.  A CSI form must be submitted for all class sections, and Records Office personnel will schedule the rooms.  If you wish, you may use virtual EMS to check to see if a particular room is available and request that room on the CSI form.