American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and DanceAAHPERD - American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

The largest health and physical education organization for practitioners and researchers. This national organization supports quality health and physical education programs while also directing the development of Healthy People 2020.

National Association for Sport and Physical EducationNASPE - National Association for Sport and Physical Education

A national association committed to physical education and sport instructors. NASPE sets standards recognized at the state and federal level that “promote and defend” physical education programs in public schools. This organization produces professional conferences and numerous conventions for any interested persons.

American Association for Health EducationAAHA - American Association for Health Education

A professional organization dedicated to increasing health education in schools, government, community, and professionals. This organization sponsors: various health programs, scholarships, and awards, while offering job placement and professional development.

National Strength and Conditioning AssociationNSCA - National Strength and Conditioning Association

A nationwide organization that supports various diverse fitness and health professionals by providing an atmosphere cohesive to the development of strength & conditioning knowledge, as well as working toward public exchange and distribution of this material.

National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association

A nationwide society dedicated to supporting student-athletes through stressing the importance of both athletic and academic development while participating in collegiate sports.