School of Education





Dual Licensure

It is the mission of the School of Education at McKendree University to prepare teachers and other education professionals as lifelong learners, caring practitioners, and knowledgeable professionals. The School of Education’s mission is linked closely to McKendree University’s mission, providing a high quality educational experience to outstanding students, guiding them in the pursuit of academic excellence.   The dispositions of a teacher candidate completing an education program within the School of Education are grounded in that mission.

The missions of both the School of Education and McKendree University are used as a foundation for creating high quality teacher education programs which support the development of effective educators who are able to meet the ever-changing diverse demands placed upon schools in the region we serve. Faculty within the School of Education believes teacher candidates develop the necessary skills of teaching through a sequence of professional education courses in theory and methodologies.  In addition, a series of clinical experiences in a variety of diverse school settings help candidates transfer university classroom instruction into practical teaching skills.

Teacher Education programs for initial licensure are available for both undergrad and graduate students. Initial licensure programs are offered for Elementary Education, Special Education/Elementary Education, Special Education (graduate level), Secondary Education (English Language Arts, Social Sciences – History, Political Science or Psychology, Science – Biology, Chemistry or Physics, Mathematics) and Special K-12 (Art, Music and Physical Education). Advanced programs for graduate students are available in a variety of areas; allow practicing educators the opportunity to continue developing their professional commitment to, and competence in the field of education. 

Because McKendree University must meet the requirements issued by the Illinois State Board of Education and the State Licensure Board, their requirements take precedence over the catalog of record for individuals seeking teacher licensure recommendation.


Middle School

The Middle School Education program is designed for those seeking to teach in the Middle School setting. This program is fully aligned with the new licensing guidelines from the Illinois State Board of Education, providing students with the necessary coursework and field experiences to qualify for an Illinois Professional Educators License in Middle Level Education (grades 5-8).  Available licensing content areas include Mathematics, Social Science, Science and English Language Arts.  Education coursework for this program includes theory and methodologies in instructional planning, middle school instructional practices in the specific content area being licensed, educational psychology, middle school philosophy, diverse learners, multicultural education, assessment and technology.  Coursework in the chosen content area is threaded throughout the program.  Program faculty members are up-to-date on the needs of the classroom as well as the latest trends and requirements of the field, and are deeply committed to preparing future educators to excel as teachers.  The diverse field experiences, along with mentoring from cooperating teachers and field supervisors, assist teacher candidates in transforming university classroom instruction into practical teaching skills.   

Because McKendree University must meet the requirements issued by the Illinois State Board of Education and the State Licensure Board, their requirements take precedence over the catalog of record for individuals seeking teacher licensure recommendation.

Initial Programs

-Elementary Education

-Middle School Education

o   English Language Arts
o   Mathematics
o   Science 
o   Social Science

-Secondary Education

o   English/Language Arts
o   Mathematics
o   Science (Biology or Chemistry emphasis)
o   Social Science (History, Political Science, or Psychology emphasis)

 -Special K-12 - Licensure

o   Art Education
o   Music Education
o   Physical Education - Licensure

 -Special Education/Elementary Education - Dual Licensure

-Special Education LBS1 Licensure (Master of Arts in Education only)

-Educational Studies  Non-Licensure


Advanced Programs

•   Master of Arts in Education 

o   Educational Administration & Leadership
o   Educational Studies
o   Educational Studies Emphasis in Reading
o   Higher Education Administrative Services
  Special Education
o   Specialized Instruction
o   Teacher Licensure

o   Teacher Leadership


•   Specialist in Education  

•   Doctor of Education  


•   Middle School (Undergraduate & Graduate)

IMPORTANT:  The Illinois State Board of Education has changed the requirements for obtaining a middle teaching school endorsement.  The current requirements will only be valid until January 31, 2018.  After February 1, 2018, the only way to receive a middle school endorsement will be to complete a new, state approved middle school program.

 Obtaining a Middle School Endorsement prior to January 31, 2018 will require obtaining a C or higher in EDU 403/503 Middle School:  Philosophy and Practice and EDU 404/504 Early Adolescents and Schooling.  Students will also need to receive a C or higher in the required number of content course hours.  If you will receive your initial Professional Educators License AFTER January 31, 2018, you will need to adhere to the new Middle School requirements.

•   Reading Teacher (Graduate)
•   Special Education (Graduate)