1.   How can I get involved?

Center for Faith and Spirituality offers many opportunities for getting involved. We love to have students who are willing to lead and have a passion for what they are working in. So, if you have a desire to sing, preach, play an instrument, lead, or even listen we have a place for you.

For questions about specific opportunities and events please call Rev. Dr. Beverly L. Wilkes-Null at (618) 537-6962.

We are always looking for students who would like to help lead music at our services and help us get other students involved in campus ministries.

2.   Is Campus Ministry only for United Methodists?

No. We are an ecumenical group which means we welcome students of all faith traditions. If you have interest in developing your faith, then you are welcome to participate in any of our programs. 

There is also an active Catholic Student Group that is supported by the Chaplain's office, which exists to help Catholic students meet their sacramental needs.  The group works closely with Campus Ministries by going on mission trips and hosting events together.

3.   What if I am spiritual but not necessarily religious?

That's okay!  Exploring your faith and establishing your beliefs as an adult is what you are supposed to do during this time in your life.  The University Chaplain would be happy to help you on your journey - discussing faiths, helping you find answers to questions, providing programming to help you explore different spiritualties, and even finding student spiritual directors.  Come by our office (1st floor of Bothwell) or call (618) 537-6962 anytime.

4.   Do I have to JOIN anything?

No.  We know you are busy and adding one more thing to your schedule might just tip you over the edge!  You are welcome to attend whatever services, events, mission trips, etc. you are interested in.

5.   What if I am not Christian? Do you explore other faith traditions?

While we currently are not offering non-Christian services on campus, we are happy to help you connect with a community in your faith tradition near McKendree.  We do have an active Better Together group that meets weekly on campus. Please visit the Better Together tab for more information.