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Weekly Events



6:00 pm Catholic Mass

See Mass Schedule Here!

7:00 pm Chow Meal Following Mass

8:30 pm McK H20 Worship Service

New Worship service: Music from the O’Fallon First UMC church music leadership team (Rev. Vince Godfrey).  Chaplain Tim and Brad Lewis (Young Adult and Family Minister at O’Fallon First UMC) will be offering the weekly meditations. This is a great time to get each week started with focus and spiritual renewal!


7:00 pm Bible Study in Circut Riders:

This is an ecumenical bible study open to all students.  We are currently using the Habitudes book on Christian Leadership by Dr. Tim Elmore for our focus with accompanying scriptures.  There is a time of prayer and support built in to the bible study group as well.  You are welcome to come as often as your schedule allows.


Upcoming Events:


Agape Latte: Wednesday, October 24, at 8 pm in 1828 with Dr. Nichole DeWall as our speaker.

Dr. DeWall (Associate Professor of English at McKendree University) has written for a variety of scholarly publications and has received numerous awards including the William Norman Grandy Faculty Award and the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. She is especially passionate about the works of William Shakespeare, and has been since she read Romeo and Juliet in the 9th grade. She believes that students who study literature will lead richer, more empathetic, and ultimately more beautiful lives. She’s here tonight to offer a talk titled: “I’m a Liberal Arts Major. What’s Your Superpower?

For more info, click here!

Homecoming Chapel Service: Sunday, Oct. 28, at 10 am in the chapel with Rev. Jim Barnett as our preacher.

Lessons and Carols Service: Wednesday, December 5, at noon in the chapel with Colleen Smyth (Program Coordinator for the Center for Community Service) as our speaker.


Annual Christmas Basket Project (November & December)

Each year various departments, divisions, and teams work together to provide baskets of clothes, toys, and other items for families in need at Christmas.

Angie Thomas

Author of the novel "The Hate you Give" will be speaking in the Hett on January 24, 2019 at Noon! She will also be doing a book signing in the Hett Lobby at 1:00. You may bring your book to be signed or some will be available for purchase! Tickets can be purchased here!

Angie Thomas


Global Awareness Week (April 1-6, 2019)

Mission: “to increase campus awareness of issues related to politics, social justice, religion, ethnicity, economic disparity and other social and diversity topics locally, nationally, and internationally.”

The goal is to help develop our campus into better citizens and raise awareness of human dignity and worldwide happenings.  This is done through educational and experiential events such as presentations, simulations, films, service experiences, and a variety of other events planned by campus groups/classes and the committee.

Leadership Retreat

Every fall, a group of student leaders have the opportunity to attend a
leadership retreat. During this retreat, the group grows closer 
through various bonding activities while learning what it means to work together as a team.