2018 Student Homecoming Week Schedule

Updated:  10/15/18


September 20

o    Homecoming General Info Meetings at 12pm in The Lair and 3:30pm in PAC (room TBA) One meeting should be attended by those who plan to participate in Homecoming Week Bearcat Games or Royalty Court.  Students with a general interest in Homecoming Week are also welcome to attend.


September 26

o   Homecoming Royalty Court Nomination Deadline (Nominations for King, Queen, Prince, and Princess must be turned in by 12pm.)  Go to:  https://goo.gl/forms/guVksc5m2hkBOdOq1 to make nominations


October 5

o    Homecoming Court Applications due by 12pm

o    Bearcat Awards Games Captain’s Meeting at 12pm in The Lair

o    A representative of your team should attend to discuss rules, events, etc.  Entries due at this meeting!

October 11-12

o    Homecoming Court Interviews (Time and location TBA)

October 14

o    Homecoming Talent Show Auditions at  (location and time TBA)

October 15

o    Homecoming Royalty Court Meeting  (location and time TBA)

October 18

o    Homecoming Royalty Court Campaigning Begins

October 21 (Sunday)

o    12pm:  (i) Pack the Place – Men’s and Women’s Soccer

October 22 (Monday) – (i) Theme Day:  Dress Like A Nerd

o    (+) Social Media Spirit Day

o    (i) 12pm:  Dizzy Bat HR Derby (Quad area)

o    (+) 12pm: - Bearcat Games:  Pumpkin Decorating Pick-up (The Lair)

o    8:30pm:  (i) (+) Nerdology - Trivia Night in Ames Dining Hall

October 23 (Tuesday) – (i) Theme Day:  Teach Us Tuesday - Dress as your favorite faculty/staff person

o    (+) Social Media Spirit Day

o    12pm:  (+) Bearcat Games:  Chili Cook-Off

October 24 (Wednesday) – (i) Theme Day: Way Back Wednesday (Pick a Decade)

o    12am:  (i) Homecoming Royalty Court Voting Begins (BlackBoard)

o    (+) Social Media Spirit Day

o    12pm:  (i) Pumpkin Decorating Contest Voting

o    8:30pm:  (+) Bearcats’ Got Talent in the Hett (THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED)

October 25 (Thursday)

o    3:30pm:  (+) Where’s Bogey (various locations)

o    8pm:  (+) Bearcat Games Relay Races

o Relay Events, Trikes Relay, Back Seat Driver Relay

October 26 (Friday) – (i) Theme Day:  Purple Friday (show Your Spirit!)

o    (+) Social Media Spirit Day

o    12am:  Homecoming Royalty Court Voting Ends (BlackBoard)

o    4pm:  (i) CAB’s Brat-tober Fest in the Quad

o  (+) Bearcat Games:  Pie Eating Contest, Blind Musical Chairs, Water Jug Relay

October 27 (Saturday)

o    11am:  (i) Homecoming Parade

o  (+) Bearcat Games:  Parade Entry Contest

o    1pm:  (i) Pack the Place – Football

o    3pm:  (i) Pack the Place – Volleyball

o    TBA – (i) Diversity Dance at Intramural Gym

 (i) Denotes campus-wide events. 

(+) Denotes events that are Bearcat Award Point events

*Some dates, events, locations and rules subject to change.

For more information, please go to:  www.mckendree.edu/studenthc